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Effective Home Remedies to Stop the Pain and Swelling Due to Arthritis

Updated on November 13, 2015

If you currently experience severe pain, swelling and muscle stiffness, perhaps you are suffering from arthritis. I want you to remember that nowadays, medical experts discovered over 150 types of arthritis and it will be very difficult to learn them all. Of course, many of us are already familiar with some of these types and know how to reveal the best home remedies as well.

Before we discuss some of the best natural cures for arthritis, it is important to learn that this ailment is one of the most dangerous type of diseases affecting millions of people in the US alone. Medical experts revealed that this also is a huge factor in causing disability to affected individuals. They experience severe pain and inflammation affecting their muscles and joints, which trigger problem when they move. In most cases, people who are more than 50 years old have trouble dealing with this problem.

Although there are people who find it hard to overcome the pain they experience, it is true that they can discover various natural remedies that provide great relief to improve the condition of a sufferer. Like in your case, these remedies do not trigger any kind of side effects because they are natural and approved by many experienced health experts worldwide.

These available home remedies to eliminate the pain due to arthritis had existed for years and continue to help many sufferers out there:

Using Ice to Eliminate the Pain

This is a very popular natural solution in eliminating the pain by simply icing the affected area with ice. They call this process as cold treatment and recommended to people who are experiencing intense pain on the joints when moving constantly. The procedure is easy by covering the ice with a clean cloth or plastic bag and then ice packing the area for almost 20-30 minutes. The technique is to remove the ice for every 10 minutes and continue the process until reducing the pain.

Minor Stretching and Exercising

Even though some sufferers do not easily consider this approach, minor stretching and exercising can provide good results by strengthening the joints to improve mobility. When you try to move the affected area, you experience a little pain when you move but this will be temporary only. Among the best methods to do this process is through performing Yoga and meditation. Health experts believe that if you move your body slowly despite suffering from arthritis, this helps much in regaining the normal position of the joints and strengthen the muscles as well. However, it is advisable to have a professional Yoga instructor who can guide you effectively to avoid other health risks.

Drinking Extract Carrot Juice

This is another very effective home remedy when treating arthritis in a natural way. I want you to remember that this type of vegetable juice quickly reduces the pain, especially if the problem is rheumatoid arthritis. Besides drinking natural carrot juice, there are other choices like tomato, celery or even cabbage juice. To make this approach very effective, it is best to drink the juice at least 2-3 times a day for 7 days. When your condition improves, you can reduce your intake until the pain vanishes completely.

Avoid Doing Exhausting Tasks

If you work in the office regularly, it is very difficult to complete your tasks when you suffer from arthritis problem. To make sure that your condition does not worsen, you can ask your partner to help you do other tasks or bring them home for assistance with your family members. By doing this, you can avoid exhaustion to eliminate the pain and swelling little by little. Likewise, you need to help yourself deal with the problem better and do not lose hope even if you have someone doing your tasks.

Water Therapy Exercise

Keep in mind that water therapy exercise is one of the most effective home remedies to defeat arthritis. By walking into the water and performing minor exercises, you will feel great relief to reduce the pain. This kind of approach enables you to flex your joints and muscles better by doing various motions while your half body is soaked into the water. This is a very inexpensive remedy because you do not have to spend for medicinal drugs.

These are only few of the most effective home remedies that can help stop the pain and inflammation due to arthritis. If you are suffering from this type of ailment, you can try these natural cures and start performing your daily activities without the pain.

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© 2015 Maria Karen Salazar


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