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Effective weight loss tips for fat reduction

Updated on April 16, 2011

Aim of fat reduction treatment in weight loss

With the information about the fat storage and distribution system, it is very easy to assess the merits and drawbacks of the methods offered for weight reduction. The calorie derived from the food is the "cash" body used to pay off energy costs of running different activities of body. In case of natural or artificial shortage (dieting) of this cash, body has to turn to its reserve funds (fat stored in fat cells). A signal reaches fat cells and the contents are withdrawn. Through the blood stream this fat reaches liver and other organs, muscles etc., where it is used up by cells for energy production. Therefore, creating a deficiency of the "cash" by reducing supply (dieting) and by increasing the expenditure (exercise) is the aim in the treatment for fat reduction to efficiently loose weight.

Fat Reduction

Calorie deficit is important for fat reduction and weight loss

Any other method that does not create this calorie deficit between caloric intake and expenditure is useless for fat reduction and weight loss. Fat cells are like wardrobes in your room, the contents of which could be removed but they by themselves are stationary. Therefore, fat cells can not be squeezed or rolled out by massage, as they can not be displaced by pressing the body from outside.

Same is true for weight loss exercises. As discussed earlier, exercise can only increase body's energy requirement, but it has no local effect on fat cells. Bending several times to reduce belly fat depots or cycling or hip movements to reduce fat on thighs or hips may not have anything to do with the fat cells of the respective areas. Bending or hip movements will require energy, but this energy may come from fat stores on arms, face or any other area, and body is absolutely free to make it's choice in this respect, and that is why spot fat reduction is not possible. A petrol tank of a car can only be emptied if the car uses the petrol for energy production and not by bending or twisting the petrol tank itself. Similarly, fat cells merely perform the job of a store keeper, however, the use and the outflow of this fat is decided by someone else, i.e. the body for meeting its energy requirements. Vibrating belts and massage for fat reduction are advocated by people with vested interests.

Fat reduction : Important tips for weight loss

Similarly, applying tight bandages and wrapping the body in the hope of fat reduction is absurd and illogical. With the application of tight bandage, fluid around cells (inter cellular fluid) is displaced for a while and measurement of that part appears less. This same effect can be produced on our wrist by a tight watch strap. Temporarily displacing the fluid does nothing towards utilisation of fat from fat cells.

Instead of waiting for body to turn to the fat reserves and use them up, it was thought that liposuction can suck out the fat depot itself. However, this sucking our body fat under vacuum by inserting a cannula (a hollow metallic tube) in fat depots, is mainly a cosmetic surgery method and not a treatment of obesity. Each such operation can remove only about 400 grams of fat. The operation is not selective for fat and it can also suck out small nerves and blood vessels. And of course, the operation is no guarantee against regaining the fat all over again.

Reduce excess fat from your body

Thus creating a situation of energy deficit and compelling the body to switch over to fat to meet its daily need for energy is all we can do to reduce our excess fat. We can not dictate our body about the sequence or the preference of fat depots to be emptied. We can only be thankful to our body for its miraculous and organized way of storing or reducing fat. Have you ever gained (or lost) fat only on your right thigh, or left side of neck or only half of abdomen?


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