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Super Easy Stress Reduction Activities

Updated on December 4, 2017

You've left it off for several weeks. The thought in your head reminds you of a job presentation or final exam you've been dreading, and that will be happening tomorrow. There's no way to escape it. You're going to have a great deal of work in a short period. As you drive to a nearby coffee shop to fill your body up with caffeine to have the energy for an extended time off work, it strikes you - stress. Stress is a regular part of our fight or flight reaction to worry, and lucky for you, it actually can turn you into more efficient and productive person. However, you should avoid overusing that stress response. Gradually it will backfire. It can cause you to be more vulnerable to sickness and even less productive in the long run. Below are some excellent and easy activities to minimize stress quickly.

Take a deep breath.

Breathing exercises aren't exclusively for experienced gurus and professional mediators; they can give benefit to anyone. Taking a deep breath is a reasonably good and efficient method to relax your thoughts and provide you with direction. Also, breathing exercises can free endorphins in your body, which can boost your feeling of well-being making you feel more relaxed.

Shout it all out.

Just do it, be a young child but only for a few seconds. Feeling upset, stressed, confused? Let it out! (If you please, do it in a not so populated area.) Everyone knows the feeling of holding back a problem for some time and then when it eventually comes out; it's entirely wrong. Make an exclusive choice to get rid of yourself from a difficult situation to let it out privately. In this way, you won't wrongly lead your problems at a passing bystander.

Imagine a stress-free place.

Looks very simple (in fact it is), but thinking of a tranquil scenery or a place you love can help calm your boiling mind. Although you may not be able to get there, a little mental journey will bring you closer to your happy place.

Listen to your favorite tunes.

It's no secret that good music is a stress-reducer; along with your favorite jam can help set things into new perspective. Do this: It's shown to be true that after the song ends, you will feel a lot happier.

Slice an orange.

Curious about how scraping an orange will help you to lighten up? Well, aromatherapy can decrease stress levels in adults. Although may not possess any therapeutic essential oils available, most likely there is a citrus in your fridge to peel. Take a waft of the stress-releasing scent and look at it as an expensive, homemade essential oil.

Cuddle your four-legged friend.

For those who have a pet and you're feeling uneasy, give yourself (and your furry friend) a favor and show some love. As reported by the National Center for Infectious Diseases, playing with your pet can improve blood pressure levels.

Clean your workspace.

All that mess is usually a representation of what's feeling inside. Pile the newspapers, junk those plastic plates and give your desk a great dust-off with an anti-bacterial rub. It'll only take a jiffy, with the possibility to reset your working plans and clear your head.

Soak in the sun.

Vitamin D calms your bloodstream and improves blood flow. The most natural approach to get Vitamin D is to relax in the morning sun for at least 10 to 15 minutes without using sunscreen lotion.

Use stress balls.

Stress balls are perfect to relieve pressure. Squeezing the ball helps tighten your arm muscles and relax it at you let go. Stress balls are great for situations any time you are glued at work and have hardly any way to release.

Destress using your imagination


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