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Effects of Stress on Health:Easy Coping strategy

Updated on January 21, 2015

Stress definition: stress is a non-specific response of the body to maintain homeostasis.Psychologically it is a development of an adaptive response to defend the stability of internal environment and ensure survival of organism.

stress and its effects :mentally it is said to be the initiator of different psychological disorders like depression, anxiety and psychosis in the long run.

While physically it is the primary cause of diabetes, High B.P, heart stroke, sexual impotency, insomnia, anorexia (lack of appetite) etc.

Almost every human is prone to stress at sometime in day to day life but the fact is that

♣ There are many who do not know that they are under stress.

♣ Some of them who identify themselves to be stressed out do not know its effects on health

♣ If they knew it they either neglect it as a casual condition or else they do not know what the remedy is or ways of coping with stress.

Savasana-Best stress relief yoga

what causes stress

what causes stress: There are many factors to the causes of stress based on age, gender, place etc.

It is caused both at mental and physical levels of exposure.

Exposure to stress at mental level includes work tension, personal inhibitions like unable to communicate free etc. These common inhibitions put a person always under some sort of mental stress.

Exposure to stress at Physical level include lack of proper sleep, diet at right time, improper health, lack of sufficient sex.

Even over indulgence in sex, alcohol, smoking, mindset like anger, fear, anxiety, medications for chronic diseases build up stress.

work related stress: This is a common factor for high prevalence of stress among those employed. This is not dependent on age or experience but only due to the heavy responsibility, fear of failure, big targets to be achieved, lack of proper knowledge of work, improper communication among co workers.

There are jobs like shift works which distort your natural sleep cycle which you acquired from your childhood, and some jobs require frequent travel which disturb your.

Many employed develop stress induced diabetes, heart strokes, Rise IN B.P, gastric acidity etc.

Based on gender: Girls or women are prone to stresses due to avoidance of going to toilet in office, non-breast feeding of their babies, wearing tight fitting clothing (bras around chest and petty coats around stomach) causing difficulty in breathing (because inhalation of air requires free movement of ribs and abdomen). Though this appears to be for instance, keeping these habits for long run ends up in build up of stress related damage to body.

signs & symptoms of stress

First and foremost sign of stress if you can notice is improper respiration, sometimes throbbing heart, acidity, insomnia, anorexia, sputtering speech.

You may be unable to concentrate on what you do, unable to sit right at one place. Lack of smile or excitement in your face with chances of a frown and desperation.

This may be also evident in the from of skin eruptions like pimples, eczema. Erectile dysfunction in males (that why the desire to have sex has shifted to early mornings instead of late nights) :-).

It may also be evident by frequent eating (binge eating disorder), smoking, loss of temper on your sub ordinates etc.

stress relief or stress Management

Lets be clear that non medication ideas of stress relief are the best and sole remedies in comparison to drugs like sedatives, sleep remedies etc.

Even as mentioned earlier chronic drug use for stress relief itself can be a stress. So opt for normal natural stress relief measures like exercise, proper sleep, good diet, not roaming too much for long distance, avoiding work dusty areas like in mines, chemical factories etc.

Many of the mental stresses go off by spending your time in a good company, trying to be busy in what you like, going on to a movie or party etc.

Keep your clothing loose around belly and chest for free breathing. one of the symptoms during stress is that you don't breath freely and fully to the needed levels.

Relaxation exercises: This includes both physical workouts and also yoga. They are the best ways to relieve stress on regular basis.

♦ Concentrate on your breath: Air is very important for life. When you feel tensed or anxious then immediately remember to sit and breath with consciousness on your lungs for slow & deep breathing.Air inside is supplied to all the body muscles and relieves stress

Go for savasana:as show in the video. This includes lying down as if corpse on your back with arms and lower limbs spread free and breathing deeply. Keep this breathing continuously by concentrating on your foot then on your legs below knee, then on knees, then on thighs continue till your fore head on back of the head. Repeat if necessary. This is the best technique not only for stress relief but also for natural insomnia treatment to aid fall asleep.

The one nostril breaths:This is the famous one heard before. Inhale through one nostril and expire through another. Repeat again alternatively till you feel stress free.


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