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Egg Plant The Vegetable For Excellent Health, Beautiful Skin And Hair

Updated on October 13, 2014

Egg Plant The Nutritious Vegetable

The egg plant that is popularly known as brinjal in India is an excellent source of phytonutrients and dietary fiber as well. It is very nutritious due to presence of soluble carbohydrate, lots of vitamins and minerals.

Egg plant is also known as Aubergine. It is botanical name is solanum Melongena. The excellent vegetable is easily available around the globe with low cholesterol but high folates, helps to keep optimal health. It also contains pantothenic acid and Vitamin C which are responsible for beautification of skin.

Egg Plant And Its Role In Maintaining Optimal Health

Generally egg plant is consumed to reduce weight but due to presence of several vital nutrients, vitamins and soluble carbohydrates it plays significant role to benefit to stay healthy. Some health benefits are regular brinjal consumptions are following: -

(A.) Regulation of Sugar Level - Egg plant is an excellent source of dietary fiber and contains low soluble carbohydrates so it helps to regulate sugar level in the patients of diabetes its regular consumption reduces glucose level to normalize sugar in type-2 disease.

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(B.) Heart Care - As egg plant contains phytonutrients that is responsible for reducing cholesterol level and helps to proper functioning of blood flow in the vessels. So it is known as heart friendly. Folate is also beneficial for healthy heart which is one of the ingredient of aubergine.

(C.) Boosting of Brain - Riboflavin and phytonutrients both helps to protect cell membrane of the brain and enhances memory power. As both are present in egg plant hence it is known as brain booster.

(D.) Checking Cancer - Toxins from the body are reduced by dietary fibers. As egg plant is excellent source of dietary fiber so it helps to remove toxins from the body. Presence of Vitamin C the antioxidant fights free radicals to check cancer like colon and stomach cancer.

(E.) Weight Loss - Dietary fiber is known to suppress appetite. Due to presence of ample quantity of dietary fiber in aubergine which is low in calories helps to reduce weight in natural way.

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Nutritional Facts Per 100 Grams In Egg Plant

Dietary Fiber
Vitamin C
Vitamin B6
Source - USDA

Consumption of Egg Plant Enhances Skin Beauty

No individual around the globe can deny the fact that every individual intends to look beautiful and younger forever so it is common to chance on artificial beauty creams, healthy diets and natural herbs. The nature has also gifted human beings with lots of colorful vegetables, fruits, herbs and shrubs to consume and look younger. Egg plant is one of them


Egg Plant - At A Glance

Egg plant an easily available vegetable with unique nutrients like -

  • Dietary Fiber
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Anthocyanins
  • Phytonutrients
  • Riboflavin
  • Soluble Carbohydrates etc helps to keep optimal health, beautiful skin and strong hair.

The botanical of Egg Plant is Solanum Menolena. Commons names are -

  • Brinjal
  • Aubergine
  • Bhanta
  • Baigan

Benefits Of Egg Plant Consumption In Skin Beauty

Egg plant is packed with dietary fiber, vitamin c, minerals and other vital nutrients that help to maintain smooth, shining and beautiful skin. There are several benefits associated with skin beauty some of them are here: -

(A.) Smooth And Shiny Skin - Egg plant contains lots of water contents that hydrates the body and check dry skin in order to keep it shiny and smooth.

(B.) Anti Wrinkles - Anthocyanins is a powerful antioxidant which is present as an ingredient in egg plant. It helps to fight free radicals. Hence consumption of the veg regularly make the skin wrinkle free and keep it look younger.

(C.) Natural Glow - Dietary fiber removes toxins to maintain health. Vitamin A and C nourishes the skin. As all three are present in egg plant so it helps skin to glow naturally.

(D.) Skin Elasticity - Due to presence of water contents the skin is hydrated properly. Proper hydration of skin enhances the elasticity of skin. Obviously regular use of aubergine in diet results in beautiful skin with texture.


Strong , Shiny And Long Hair With Egg Plant

Beauty of human beings cannot be imagined without long, shiny, strong and healthy hair because it helps to add an extra charm in the personality hence it is obvious to be cautious about caring hair. artificial hair creams, conditioners or shampoos cannot take care hair as nature does so to rely on natural products is common.

Egg plant promotes strong, black and thick hair because of high amount of water, vitamin C and vitamin A. It helps to maintain healthy hair in following ways: -

(A.) Scalp Hydration - Due to high contents of water it hydrates scalp and removes dry dirt flakes if chunk of egg plant is rubbed gently once daily for a week and consumed.

(B.) Controls Dandruff - Dry dirt flakes are main causes of dandruff. After hydration they are removed so dandruff is controlled.

(C.) Checks Hair Loss - Dry dirt flakes and dandruff are the root cause of hair loss. Hence by checking both egg plant helps to check hair loss.

(D.) Strong And Shiny Hair - Regular consumption nourishes the root of hair and promotes growth. It also keep hair to shine maintaining its texture.

A Vegetable Packed With Nutrients And Easy To Add In Diet

Though egg plant is packed with essential nutrients for health, beauty and hair care it is not only easily available around the world but also easy to add in daily diet in low budget. Indian are blessed because throughout the year they can consume the vegetable as it is cropped any time. It is also available in different shapes, colours and sizes. The egg shaped white coloured aubergine is main reason to be named as egg plant.Regular consumption of the excellent vegetable results better so it if preferred by people of all ages.

Disclaimer - The content is written to enhance the knowledge base so it does not suggest any cure or certain result associated with health hair and beauty related disorders.


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