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Electric Automatic Hand Dryers

Updated on October 30, 2014

Someday We'll All Have Them

Considering how germ conscious the country is with new strains of diseases and sicknesses popping up every year, it's no wonder we embrace technology that allows us to touch public bathroom surfaces as little as possible. Most public restrooms have the commercial electronic flushing toilets and motion sensitive water taps.

Now many of the newer establishments also have touchless electric hand dryer machines. No longer do you have dirty your hands - right after washing them - touching a button touched by many before you. And there's no guarantee that they touched that button after washing their hands. It's likely but not guaranteed.

Public Bathrooms and the Germ Factor

Does the thought of using a public bathroom just give you shivers? Some are worse than others. I think we all avoid using a gas station restroom if at all possible. Sometimes you just have no choice.

One fine example I've experienced recently was dealing with airport bathrooms. Fortunately, the airports were in large cities and the terminals were very comfortable and modern. This typically equates to a clean bathroom with modern fixtures. Most airports have motion activated flushing so you can avoid placing your hand anywhere near the wall behind the toilet. You can also typically encounter motion activated water taps that stay on just long enough to get your hands free of soap. And now we have wall mounted hand blowers that can be activated without touching an on and off switch.

Wall Mounted and Attractive

I think it's interesting that the companies that produce jet dry machines are now adding artwork to their covers. No longer are they just sterile looking stainless steel or plain white or beige in color. Why shouldn't companies want to hound you every opportunity they have? You're just standing there waiting for your hands to dry under the blower and are drawn to read whatever ad is plastered on the hand dryer.

Commercial bathrooms are now using the wasted surface space on their commercial electric dryer covers to make additional advertising money for the property owners. It seems kinda of strange at first but it seems like a good way to brighten up an otherwise very dull and boring landscape.

Custom XLerator

Environmentally Friendly - Automatic Hand Dryers

Considering the small investment needed to replace traditional paper towel holders with an electric automatic hand dryer - it seems like upgrading is a no brainer. Possibly hooking up the electric portion of the machine may require hiring an electrician. But you have to weigh the cost of hiring an electrician with the long term savings you'll enjoy. Compare the one time cost to the savings you'll see in reducing your purchase of paper towels and the expense of dispensing with the used ones. if you consider the amount of paper towels a busy bathroom goes through and compare that to the cost of running an energy efficient hand dryer, the smart choice is obvious.

The Xlerator Hand dryer

Electric Hand Dryer Manufacturers

The Xlerator Hand Dryer

Xlerator is one of the big names in the pool of manufacturers of the automatic electronic, eco friendly, powerful hand dryer seen in the video above. With the extra high speed blast of warm air, the hands are drier quicker.They are one of the leading companies selling dryer units to commercial establishments.

American Dryers

Made in the USA

Their most recent dryer model is the eXtreme Air. The company claims it can dry hands three times as fast as traditional machines. It is done with an extremely powerful blast of warm air. The water on the surface of a person’s hands quickly evaporates. It also uses between 80-90 percent less energy than more traditional models.

Fastdry Hand Dryers

These models are offered at a very reasonable price but without the touchless feature. The blast of warm air is only needed in a short burst. This may appeal to the smaller business owner. They also offer this model in a wall plug version.

Dyson Airblade

Yes, Dyson makes other things besides vacuums. This is even more advanced than the traditional high powered hand blower appliance.

Dyson keeps the hands in a controlled area which helps to eliminate germs flying around the restroom area. Dyson take hygiene one step further when it comes to their latest design for efficient drying. Their hand dry airblade design is likely to catch on with other manufacturers..

Dyson Airbladw Demonstrated


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