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Eleven Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Updated on April 22, 2016

Pregnancy Symptoms


You are here reading this because either you have a missed period or you have a feeling that you may be pregnant. If you didn't plan for this pregnancy then there may be few reasons for the delay in your menstrual cycle. Some of them are stress, exercise or increased physical activity or change in diet. Anyway if you are worried there are few ways to get your periods quickly, by drinking more coffee, eating lots of papaya and having more sex. There is 85% chance that you may get your chums quickly.

There is not much of a difference in early symptoms of pregnancy and in the signs of your approaching menstrual cycle.

Some of the signs of your nearing menstrual cycle are mood swings, depression and snapping for no reason/irritation, an acne breakout, breasts become more tender and supple etc. In case if you are pregnant you may also feel fatigue, loss of interest in things and the constant need to urinate. if you know the signs of your nearing periods than you can easily make out if you are pregnant or not.


Pregnancy symptoms are not same for everyone. You may experience two or three symptoms or you may be pregnant even without experiencing any of these signs and symptoms too.

SEVEN Symptoms of pregnancy before missed periods.

1) Breasts

Due to hormonal changes the breasts become more tender sensitive and sore. They might feel fuller and heavier. For some the nipples turn dark and Itchy. Your body is preparing your breast for lactation.

2) Fatigue

This is also one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. The levels of the hormone progesterone soar, which also makes one sleepy. Your body is also focusing on the new life form that's developing inside you. So the body is working overtime to nourish the embryo and hence, making you feel tiered.

3) Constipation

Due to increase in the hormone progesterone, it relaxes muscles throughout the body, including the digestive tract. This means that food passes through the intestines more slowly. For few constipation may start even before they notice their missed periods and it can last up to second trimester. This problem may be compounded later in pregnancy by the pressure of your growing uterus on your rectum. Iron supplements, particularly in high doses, can make constipation worse. Another problem related to this relaxation of muscles is chest burn and gastric re-flux which may show up in second or third month of pregnancy or a bit more later in second trimester.

4) Frequent urination

Frequent urination is a result of growing uterus which puts pressure on the bladder also the kidneys work harder than before to produce more blood flow. The kidneys produce up to 25% more urine soon after conception. This increased urine production peaks by about 9 to 16 weeks of the pregnancy, then settles down.

5) Dizziness or nausea

The blood pressure drops and you may feel lightheaded or dizzy all or most of the time.

6) Food aversion or cravings and sensitivity to smells

You may start craving for certain food items and at the same time few of them may hate the smell of certain food. Mostly who have a bitter or metallic taste in their mouth crave for sour and salty food items. One may even start to hate the smell of a perfume which they might have liked before. In pregnancy the sense of smell heightens and if one has sinusitis then the sinus swells making your nose more sensitive. They may find that smells that never bothered them before is bothering there nostrils now. D;

7) High body temperature

This is one of the signs of ovulation. The basal body temperature may be high even few days after ovulation, Body temperature may be high due to many reasons but if you notice the other signs of pregnancy along with this then it means the egg has fertilized.

You can buy this pregnancy test strip and do a home test to confirm if you are really pregnant or not.

Missed periods

This is one of the very first noticeable signs of pregnancy. But it would be difficult to say for sure because there may be other reasons for the delay in your menstrual cycle and also doing a home pregnancy test will not give an accurate result. So it’s best to do a retest after 4-5 days again if your periods didn't show up and make an appointment with your gyno or midwife.

Note: - if you are pregnant the doctors calculate the first day of your last monthly menstrual cycle. It’s from this day that the nine-month cycle is calculated, and your expected due date is determined. All though you’re not actually pregnant at this time, since conception itself doesn’t happen until about two weeks after your period ends (that is during your ovulation).

Slight bleeding: - this bleeding occurs around the time of a menstrual bleeding. This is known as implementation bleeding. This bleeding or spotting of blood occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus. However this bleeding is much lighter than the usual menstrual bleeding. For few of them this implantation spotting may last for two days or even just once or there may be no bleeding at all.

White discharge:- Libya is always wet and vulva is slightly swollen and there may be slight white or yellowish discharge.

Stomach cramps: - Stomach cramps or pain in the pelvic along with the feeling of heavy uterus (like stomach is pulling down) may last for 2-4 weeks. One feels these stomach cramps due to increasing size of uterus which keeps growing to make space for the fetus.

Morning sickness; - You can say this is the last sign of pregnancy because it begins as early as three weeks after conception. So with this one can be very sure that they are pregnant. In morning sickness one may feel nauseous with or without vomiting.

Sperm and Egg Fertilization Video

Few important points to keep in mind

If you are trying to get pregnant and you see any of these signs, then take precautions and be gentle with yourself. Don't lift heavy objects and avoid sex. Talk to your gynecologist or midwife and to confirm about your pregnancy you may need to take a urine test or home pregnancy test.

There are high chances of pregnancy if one had sex without birth controls. However one must remember that they can get pregnant even after using birth controls, because none are 100% safe.

If you had sex in the second in the second 10 days after your last period then it's more likely that you were ovulating.

The younger you are that long lasting is your ovulation and this period of ovulation keeps reducing as one ages. For young and healthy women the ovulation lasts around 25 hours. There are high chances of getting pregnant even if one had sex 3 days before ovulation.

You can take this ONLINE PREGNANCY QUIZ. Although these online pregnancy tests may not give an accurate results but its just for more info and fun.

How does one get pregnant?

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