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Eliminate Procrastination NOW - Tips

Updated on May 29, 2013

The Procrastination

Result of poor time management, scheduling, neurological or even lack of adrenaline, the act of delaying daily chores reaches all professionals. However, it is possible to change the route from this fate. I will show you five raisins to decrease procrastinating.

Eye on the target

Only motivated people can filing procrastination of your routine. After all, without good reason to move, nobody can stop procrastinating life.

To do this, step number one is to determine your goals and priorities. In this process, flee goals vague and abstract. With targets not consistent, you can not get out of laziness or a tendency to procrastination.

The trick is to find the reasons that support your goals. "A girl says she needs to start going to the gym, for example. Why'd she want to do this?Is it to lose weight?". "But why she wants to lose weight? Oh, it's because you're in love. Then this must be her motivation."

He explains that the goals should be designed so as to propel us to action. "You want to save money to buy a car? Then attach much you need to save per month".

What I procrastinate about?

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Decrease ambition

Is useless, however, filled with claims and cram the agenda with hyperbolic targets. Sooner, or later, the unforeseen and reach your expectations are inevitably frustrated.

The trick is to prepare to face the unthinkable. How? Be realistic and put a brake on their ambitions. If you work eight hours, plan your activities as if her lasted only five hours.The world is dynamic. And you need to reserve a few hours for possible changes in direction.

To avoid the risk of leaving aside goals, write them down. Besides helping to better organize the routine, detailed lists of tasks reinforce the commitment that you should have yourself to fulfill them.

The present is the ideal moment

The question before this game pushes-pushes is: there a light at end of the tunnel? Yes. It takes change the actions, the skills and speaks, the hang of doing of things. Unfortunately, in life not always we will have only interesting things to do. We need to accept this.

In many cases, adopt a productivity strategy gives good results. Another valuable tip is: Plan the commitments, create feasible alternatives and proceed gradually. The reward in this case is not material. It is the feeling of duty concluded that gives impetus to change and becomes more satisfying than the malaise of a behavior procrastinator ".

Laughing at yourself is not always the best solution

The Procrastinators relaxation goes away when it is proposed a photo session to illustrate this story. Then the excuse of the image to ensure speaks louder.

The procrastinator is more tolerated in some cases. What dictates the culture are the customs, the values ​​of a group. And is not our doing, but the pushing.

Spend more time with people who do not procrastinate. Seek out and have fun with people who inspire you on the issue of procrastination. Besides having a good time with new people, you can pick up valuable tips for setting aside the craze of "last minute".

Talk to people who do what they like. When you do what you love, chances are virtually nil procrastinating. Talk to people who do what they like, find out how they got where they are today, ask advice for achieving your goals. With a well-defined goal you let procrastination aside.

Eliminate distractions. Make a list of everything that distracts you from your obligations and look away from that. If you often lose an hour on Facebook before starting work, lay-up in order to access the social network only when all obligations have been completed. Far from everything that takes your focus is easier to keep an eye on what needs to be done.


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