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Feminine Vaginal Leaking Odor Products

Updated on August 6, 2015

Vaginal Odor Causes

Vaginal odor is one of those things as women we deal with, but it seems to be a hush, hush secret. It can be extremely embarrassing, especially if you are in a social situation. The biggest contributing factor to vaginal odor is moisture. Because the genital area is where wastes are expelled from our bodies, there is always going to be the battle of moisture.

The other thing that leads to vaginal odor is leaking. Vaginal leaking is extremely common and can happen in any variety of situations. For some women it only happens when they cough or sneeze. While other women experience leaking without any sort of warning.

Sometimes just bending down to reach something can cause this to happen. The way to prevent this from happening is keeping the genital area dry.

How to Keep the Vaginal Area Dry and Odor Free

Luckily, it isn't nearly as hard to get rid of vaginal odor as some women may think. There are several products that women can purchase over the counter that will make a huge difference. Here's what to do and use:

* Wear pantyliners. This will help A LOT because if you do happen to have any sort of leaking you can just change your pantyliner.

* Powder is a great product to help absorb odor and moisture. There are some powders that have feminine scents and also some that are made for the vaginal area. Any powder will work.

* Douche is a great product to use to help clean out the vagina. This is especially true after menstruation and intimacy. You can use it other times as well to help keep the vagina odor free.

* There are suppositories you can buy that you insert into the vagina that help with odor. There are also feminine wipes that are made for vaginal odor.


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