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Elliptical Trainer: My One Week Fat Loss Experience

Updated on April 2, 2013
elliptical trainer
elliptical trainer

Elliptical Trainer

Usually I focus on improving my endurance when using my elliptical trainer. I have had a lot of success with it. By recording my results and competing with myself I was able to improve almost every time I used it. You can read more about elliptical trainers and my previous experience with them by checking out Elliptical Trainer: Burn Calories And Improve Your Health.

This time my focus was on burning a lot of calories quickly. Instead of pacing myself so I could make the distance I worked on increasing the speed. I wanted to see how much fat I could get rid of in a week by running for 20 minutes a day or at least as long as I could last.


I got into the routine of running while I watched TV. After I turned the TV on and found something to watch I started running at a fast pace on the elliptical trainer. It took some time to adjust. The first few times I used it I did not last very long. Even though I was not taking any days off I was able to improve fairly quickly. On the third day I made it the full 20 minutes I was aiming for. After that I worked on increasing the speed.

The fourth and fifth day I was able to run over 11 miles per hour most of the time and lasted over 25 minutes. There was no improvement on the six day. I was struggling. By the seventh day I was slowing down. My body needed a rest so I did not last the full 20 minutes and was not able to run as fast as the previous days.

My speed average was 10.8 miles an hour and on average I ran for 20 minutes.


For best results I recommend watching what you eat. If you eat an unhealthy meal or do not eat enough food before you exercise it can easily hurt your performance. The one meal I did eat that was not very healthy made it more difficult to exercise because it made me feel less energetic. Reducing the amount of junk foods and drinks you consume will help a lot but I did not diet while doing this workout routine.

I tried to make sure the meals I ate were well balanced but I still ate desert and drank pop once in a while. You will probably get hungry and thirsty after a workout like this. Drink lots of water and eat something after your workout if you are hungry.


After 7 days of running on the elliptical trainer for 20 minutes I lost 1.5 pounds. Based on the circumference of my stomach I lost 1 1/8 inches. I used a Wii balance board to measure the change in weight because it made it easier to get an accurate reading. Running at a fast pace on an elliptical trainer is a good way to reduce fat. It is also a good way to improve your health and cardiovascular endurance.

Besides losing the fat my level of fitness improved. In the brief time I used it I was able to improve my speed and stamina.


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