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Emotion: Friend, not Foe

Updated on June 16, 2019
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Joy Ann is a curious millennial creative, keen on healing past traumas, and old wounds in a holistic way, patiently and with love.

Energy In Motion

Emotions (e-motion), or Energy In Motion encompasses two things:

1. Indicators:

Our feelings are actually an internal guidance system. A feeling about something is how our minds describe what is happening from our perspective. Indicators help us decide where to go and what to do next. A feeling, whether pleasant or difficult, gives us a sense of direction.

Not dissimilar to the gas light on your car's dashboard. No one likes seeing it, but everyone is grateful they can, because it tells us we should stop and re-fuel as soon as we can. Feelings as indicators do the same thing.

2. Alchemical Keys:

Alchemy is the ancient science of transmuting lead into gold. In the spiritual sense, it is regarded as turning pain or hardship into love and wisdom. Emotions as alchemical keys are doorways between different realities.

They are vehicles we use to shift from one vibration (state of being), into another. They are the fuel we use to create or destroy. For example, betrayal from someone you considered a friend, can be a very painful and upsetting event. However, this pain and this anger can trigger a change so deep and profound within us, that we are pushed to act and choose our friends differently than we did before. Alchemy completely destroys what once existed to create space for something else. We decide what that 'something else' looks like.

There are times when emotions transform situations, usually this is done by working through the harder emotions like rage or heartbreak (as lead), until they become (fine gold), love and strength.

Emotions indicate and transform
Emotions indicate and transform | Source

Your feelings are some of your best soldiers in life's army, but all soldiers must be trained.

— Molli

You've Got the Fuel

Emotions are our own personal fuel in life; it's our energy, and it can be experienced or utilized in infinite ways. They're a form of spiritual currency, if you will, in our spiritual bank. And like the physical bank it utilizes a double-entry book-keeping system: Credit & Debit. There is a duality, and we are responsible for keeping balance.

If emotions are a currency it then means we must utilize them fairly and wisely. We shouldn't be short-changing ourselves by repressing or ignoring them. We also shouldn't be splurging on anything that doesn't serve us, and dwelling excessively on a particular event or emotion. Remember an e-motion is energy-in-motion, don't dwell, keep it moving!

Protect your energy

Protect your energy.
Protect your energy. | Source

Proper Banking

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, we cannot afford to blow our emotions all on other people. Be careful NOT to give your power away, you will be left destitute. If you gave the electricity company your entire salary monthly, do you think they would be obligated to give you all their electricity? First of all, they cant! The concept is impractical and possible no matter what you apply it to, including other people.

Remember emotions are your currency in your bank (mind), and it's up to your keep it balanced and up to date. It's a credit/debit system, based on giving and receiving, not giving endlessly, and wondering why nothing has been returned. Paying someone all of your affection does not make them obligated to reciprocate your efforts. So take note of the balance of give & receive, avoid with all your heart, bankruptcy and poor investments. It's never too late to cancel a situation that is not healthy or contributing to the highest and greatest good of both parties.

The idea is to keep a healthy flow of income/expenditure into your account and into your heart at all times. It's up to you. Be healthy, Be responsible.

Till next time...

Love & Magic,



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