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'Hope' Counteracts 'Fear'

Updated on September 29, 2015

Strong Emotion

Fear is a strong emotion. It is can stop or freeze us in place.

It is as though time stood still when we experience that earth shaking emotion ‘fear’.

Our brain goes in neutral until something jars us.

Fear stops us completely in our tracks.

Good or Bad

There are other emotions that are strong, but fear is one of the biggest and affects so many other emotions.

Fear feeds on weakness;

the unknown, unfamiliar or changes in our lives.

Fears can be overcome by hope and faith, learning how to control, strength, determination and conditioning.

Fear is not necessarily a bad emotion, it depends of how strong it is, what role it plays in your personality and it can guide you to do the right or proper thing.

Emotions with Fear

You cannot just have the emotion ‘fear’; you have other emotions that go along with it.

  • Take a look at the chart on the right, do you find one of these traits in yourself?

You can see there are many emotions that have influence on ‘fear’.

Add fear to any emotion and this will cause concerns and reactions that can create devastating effects.

Good Influence

Fear can be a good influence - it can be the emotion that ‘stops’ you from doing a wrongful act.

Putting fear in our personality can help us do the right thing. It may be the emotion that stops you from being on the wrong side of the law.

Media and Fear

Spreading fear is big business; the media makes a living spreading fear and bad news – because it sells.

People get rich on spreading fear. Look at global warming and the fear it causes- people become rich when they spread fear.

Fears of All Kinds

We can have all kinds of fears:

Fear can cause misery if it accompanies you very long. These can be overcome with learning that there is an end, or with the emotion that conquers fear.

We can have fear of God, of what happens if we don’t obey.

I’m sure you can name many more. Fear comes in all sizes and shapes.

What is your fear?

Fear the Seducer

Find the cause of your fear, is it a good emotion or is it debilitating?

Fear is seductive; it’s easier to appeal to a person’s fears than to appeal to what they love.

It’s easier to get someone to hate or make them ‘suspicious’ - than to make them love or forgive.

Watch the cause of fear with a breach in any friendship, office, company or gathering – introduce fear and watch the disastrous results.

Fear Poll

Questions on Fear

See results

Hope overpowers Fear

That is right ‘Hope” overpowers fear.

Put hope in the equation and that overcomes fear - hope is.....

  • the belief that things will get better.
  • that emotion that will conquer fear.
  • we will be cured, that we hope we will be fulfilled.
  • we will be a good day or that we will happier tomorrow.
  • a wondrous thing to behold; it can turn disastrous results into hoping that this will change.
  • that our mates will not leave us.
  • someone will rescue us.
  • we will be found.
  • someone will save us.
  • will win the lottery.
  • we will find our true love.


Introduce love, the forever emotion - for love is the greatest power of all.

That’s how Al Gore became famous by creating fear of global warming – never mind that it’s not true.

Of course we have global climate changes it’s a cycle that the sun goes through every 206 years.

If you have fear of global climate change – be aware of the global cold that is coming and don’t be afraid or fear it – learn about it and get prepared.


Introduce hope and appeal that things will improve and slowly bring in love and you conquer anything.

When fear seduces you – you than have control and make people hate. These are two very strong emotions.

To overcome these you must create ‘hope’, introduce love – then you conquer all.

When you introduce extreme fear, you take away rational and learning ability. When we are unable to reason things out – that’s control and brain washing!

It’s easier to control people through fear than love.

Before you can introduce love, you have to make them ‘hope’.

‘Hope’ appeals to reasoning, rational and learning ability, and is a pleasant emotion.


That is why fear of punishment is a strong determent to children, delinquents and criminals.

  • Without fear of reprisals they are giving free rein. Without fear of punishment we can’t stop bad behavior.
  • Without fear of retribution it’s okay to do whatever they want to do.
  • Fear of punishment is the control society puts on all its citizens.
  • If you speed, you have the fear of getting a speeding ticket – so you drive within reason.
  • You don’t rob the grocery store or bank because of fear of spending time in prison.
  • You don’t kill or murder, because there is fear of losing your life or spending the rest of your life in prison.
  • Society puts fear in place by enacting laws that help control bad behavior.
  • People who don’t discipline their children have not put fear in them of punishment – they have left this up to teachers, police and society.

Discipline is Fear

It’s parents job to teach discipline to your children to make them productive members of society.

Lack of discipline can cause lifetime problems not accepted by society.

Society does not tolerate, cheaters, bad behavior, bullies, thieves or murders.

Laws will be enacted if people are not taught proper behavior at a young age.

Hope Conquers Fear

‘Hope’ is a strong emotion and one that will conquer ‘fear’.

First we put fear in the mix for control, and then we extend a helping hand with ‘hope’ and faith and then the ultimate - love.

Hope Creates Energy

  • Hope creates confidence.
  • Hope overcomes fear.

  • Hope is the belief that things will get better.


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    • Jeanne Hoback profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeanne Hoback 

      3 years ago from Rapid City, SD

      Good thoughts. Thank you.

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 

      3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      Fear is a strong emotion that affects us in many ways. It can make us want to hide from others, and sometimes, even from ourselves! You are right in that to conquer fear, we need hope and love. Faith is the opposite of fear, and when we have faith to go forward, it dispels doubt and fear.


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