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How the amazing Emotional Literacy for Kids - Teacher's Course Handbook came to be

Updated on October 18, 2017
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I have studied emotional health, chakra systems, yoga, rebirthing, reiki, and personal transformation coaching.

The Handbook

Emotional Literacy for Kids - Teacher's Course Handbook
Emotional Literacy for Kids - Teacher's Course Handbook | Source

This book came about after I had been working with several coaching clients over a few years. I realized that many of them had less than ideal relationships with their emotions, and that their emotions were considered something painful to be avoided.

In speaking with one of my clients, she asked if I could work with her children to teach them about emotions because she thought I seemed to have a healthy emotional countenance.

So it was that I embarked on a training with six neighbourhood children weekly, each Saturday afternoon for six weeks. The children ranged in age from six to twelve, so the material I created had to have a sliding scale taking into consideration each child's vocabulary and level of understanding. But interestingly, I learned that no matter what the material was or what game or art we conducted, each child learned in their own way to their degree of understanding.

Emotional Literacy for Kids
Emotional Literacy for Kids | Source

It hadn't always been that way and there were times during my life where my emotions had challenged me. But that's what brought me to a healer who worked with me over the period of eight months. During that time I learned the immense value of my emotions and continued to work with them regularly to discover all of their treasures.

I adore my emotions because I see them as a doorway to my soul, a doorway to the immense gifts that reside within them. Every time I feel an emotion it means there is information there waiting to be heard, understood and accepted that uplifts and improves my experience of life.

This client could see my happy countenance and recognized that emotions for me were like a treasure map. I enjoyed searching them out within me and discovering the hidden gems.


So this lovely book is that curriculum. I prepared each lesson just before the next class so I would have a sense of what the children I was about to meet for our class, would need. There was no pressure involved at all in creating this material! I enjoyed it thoroughly and each lesson flowed naturally onto the page.

As I worked over each Saturday during our two hour classes, I compiled twelve hours of material. I have adapted some of it and filled it out and now its a wonderful guidebook for teacher's to help their students learn, appreciate and welcome emotions into their lives in healthy, embracing ways.

The students loved the classes and really enjoyed improving their relationship to their feelings and to each other!

Congratulations on finding this wonderful resource and I wish you much JOY in sharing it with your students!

© 2017 Cassandra Lea Wilson


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