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How to Heal Emotional Pain?

Updated on December 30, 2017

What is Emotional pain?

Life, at times, can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Days can be sunny or grey. One day you wake up feeling positive and full of energy. The next day you might be down and emotions are causing a havoc in your mind. There can be tough times when emotions cause a lot of pain. Psychological or mental pain is the type of pain which emancipates from some king of mental trauma. The origin of this pain is not centered in any form of physical hurt or suffering. But these kind of emotional pain need to be dealt with the same concern as people respond to physical distress. This generally occurs due to some emotional trauma like losing a near or dear one in any form (death or breakup). The loss generally hits the person in the form of terrible heart ache and mental agony that cannot be described in words nor is visible to the human eye.


Causes and Reactions

The causes of psychological pain are many and varied. They do not happen only at the loss of someone special. It can happen due to a myriad of reasons ranging from lack of social identity to a career crisis. Sometimes the absence of vision or lack of motivation also leads to a state of mental agony. Frustration, un-fulfilment of certain needs, lack of love or social acceptance may lead to mental stress and agony. Different people react differently to these needs. This happens because the priority varies from one individual to another. As a result, people react differently when confronted with the same kind of need. People resort to different means to display their anguish such as crying, shouting or cutting off social ties and remaining aloof.

Effects and Feelings

Emotional pain also triggers the same reactions in the brain that a physical pain triggers. Both kinds of pain activate the same centre in the brain. The feeling in these scenarios varies from person to person due to the fact that people attach different priority to different emotions. Some people may feel extreme uneasiness, while others feeling a numbing sensation where they find their mind is not responding to external stimuli. The mind becomes less alert and hence one becomes immune to external sensations. Some people prefer closing up and avoid any kind of social interactions with others, while others may seek comfort in the company of their near and dear ones. Some people prefer to sleep over their agony while others find it hard to keep their eyes closed.

It’s quite essential that whatever the pain or agony is, it should be healed in proper time. If this state continues for long, it might harm the individual in the long run. The worst cases of emotional pain can lead to extreme stress and even bipolar or personality disorder. People have also been seen to get depression in the long run which can not only hamper the present well-being of a person, but also, impair the day to day activities. It is always advisable to take professional help in case one finds the things are not in control. If you feel a friend or family member is going through emotional pain, it is advisable to give them your love and support to recover. At times, people under depression are advised to take certain medications to forget the pain, but this should always be administered under the vigilance of a professional. There has been research to ascertain that pain medications work in the same fashion for both physical and emotional hurt. The people who took the medication reported having fewer hurt feelings that the group that was not given any medications. Although medication reduces the feeling of hurt and trauma, it should not be continued for prolonged periods.



Life is quite short and mishaps do happen. Time shows us terrible days which cause us immense agony. But one should always remember that “Every cloud has a silver lining”. We should always focus on the positives and let go of the negative emotions. A health mind can lead to a healthy body. This can also be achieved by meditation to calm and clear our mind of negative thoughts.


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