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Empower Yourself With M-Power

Updated on May 9, 2011

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone-Things Aren't That Great!

I love things that yank me out of my comfort zone and make me feel like things aren't quite as perfect as they seem. You know those things that motivate you to change the things you aren't happy with in your life. It's like a kick in the butt or a wake-up call to your life.

I also love all things that are associated with Jon Benson. (See some of my other Hubs) So when I discovered that Jon has a series of life changing audios that he created, called the "M-Power Audio Series", I just knew I had to learn more.

Having already successfully changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world, "M-Power Audio Series" is by far one of the most valuable and powerful products you will ever see. It is endorsed right on the sales page by literally dozens of coaches, fitness professionals and doctors in the fields of physiology and psychology.

For those of you who are looking to make serious life changes but have struggled in the past, I urge you to take a closer look at this. If you have ever dreamed about making more money, if you have been searching for the right person to spend the rest of your life with or if you are overweight or out of shape but can't seem to figure out why, I strongly urge you to read this entire article and then go watch the video presentation. When you're finished, hopefully you'll begin to understand that you just got your kick in the butt and the wake-up call is ringing off the hook.

What Is M-Power?

M-Power is founded on the Principle of Core Ethics (tm). This applies to your body, mind, name it.

Core Ethics is a combination of three crucial and universal truths:

1. Truth
2. Responsibility
3. Abundance

More specifically, truthful thinking, ruthless responsibility, and flowing abundance. These are the key distinctions within Jon's key distinctions!

All three of these distinctions are covered heavily in M-Power.

As a graduate of MIT and Abilene Christian University, with degrees in both Human Communications and Philosophical Studies, Jon is schooled in the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has studied nutrition at Dallas' famous Cooper Clinic.

Using the vast knowledge he gained from is studies and experience he got by transforming his own life from an obese 40 year old, Jon developed M-Power to work on your subconscious mind as it effects your conscious, everyday life. In other words, he helps you train your brain to think differently by tearing down all of the barriers that hold you back from being successful in every aspect of your existence.

So What Can M-Power Do For You?

There's no doubt in my mind that you have a least one area in your life you would like to improve upon.  I'm not criticizing or judging you, I'm speaking to you as someone who knows how you feel. 

I too have barriers that need breaking.  Although I have found my one true love and am eternally grateful for that, there are other areas of my life I know need improvement.  For example, I know I should be eating a healthier diet and exercising everyday but I just can't get motivated to do it.  And yes, I would love to quit my day job and focus only on my Internet business but I'm too afraid of what might happen.

These are the types of common barriers that prevent us from true peace and happiness in our lives.  They are also things that are covered deeply in the M-Power Audio series.

So unless you have everything you have ever wanted in your life, all of the money, love, success, health and happiness, you need to figure out what barriers are holding you back and tear them down forever. 

Use one of the links in this article and find out for yourself what is truly possible in your life.  You are limited only by yourself and you only have yourself to blame for things that aren't the way you know they could be.

A Message From Jon

Although it may be against the rules here at Hub Pages to copy the work of others, I felt it necessary to convey the message Jon Benson is trying you get across in his own words. There's truly no way for me to write a more powerful or elequent message than you are about to read. Perhaps I'm a bit bias but his message touched me like nothing ever has before. I hope you feel the same when you're done.


Manifesting Life Within The Moments
by Jon Benson

Take a pen and a sheet of paper and just start doodling. Seriously.

Congratulations -- you've just created something from image that never existed before nor will ever exist again, carved from the moments of your alloted time on this planet.

Hang with me -- this all deals with your level of fitness, the power of your mind, and the success you have in your life...

Any child recognizes their power to create. Most even realize the power to mold their own destinies. Children know when they've done something "wrong", even when they're doing it in most cases. They also know the "destiny" that awaits them in the form of dad coming home from work! Perhaps they do not know the particulars, but they get the basic idea.

Somewhere along the way, someone or something talked most of us out of the idea that we have anything to do with our destiny, let alone that we can manifest our moments, literally creating our destiny by existing fully within the moments we are given and making the most out of them.

To some, this sounds as if one is trying to "play God"...but this is not true. Instead, I believe that we are called by existence itself to manage our lives and our destiny through the application of powerful, truthful thinking that inspires consistent, Core-motivated action.

First, by thinking truthfully (as opposed to "positively" or "irrationally"), one can see that words become our world. James Allen took a passage from the Bible to clarify this in his book, "As A Man Thinketh." What we think produces a conversation with our self -- the most important of all conversations, as it's by far the longest. This produces the words we say to ourselves and to others. These words are either based in truth or based in fiction.

Saying, "I'm going to die if I don't get some ice cream" is, of course, utter fiction. Yet most people use this type of language all the time. The opposite is the "positive thinking" camp -- the ones who look in the mirror and say, "I'm fit, and I'm beautiful!" when they're not...and they're not!

The alternative, and the way to begin manifesting your destiny in the moment, rather than in some far away, mystical "someday", is to say this:

"I am in the process of learning what I need to know in order to become more fit, healthy and attractive every day of my life."

This is not a false statement if you are so much as reading this article!

Remember this scientific fact: any form of energy that is non-truth creates dissonance, and dissonance remodels cellular structure. That sounds kinda complex, but all I'm saying is this:

You lie, you die.


Photographs of water prove this point. Saying things that are not true to the speaker changes the structure of water molecules. Speaking words of hate do the same. You are programmed to live in harmony with yourself, and the language we use on a daily basis is often the opposite of harmony. It is the creation of dissonance. And we wonder why we have all this mental and physical disease in our world!

Your very cells scream out, "Take responsibility!" Speak in truth, both out loud and to yourself, and watch what happens.

This level of accountability to yourself will produce flowing abundance, or wealth in every area of your life that flows outward rather than remains bottled up inside of you. "Canning abundance" as I call it is a sure-fire way to total overwhelm in life. You must share it -- and by doing so, you reap more.

Become a manifestor of moments; moments that add up to the time of your life.

You can start today by joining up with an entire team dedicated to three things in your life: your health, your wealth, and your total abundance.

Make the moments, and make them count!

Jon Benson
Creator, The M-Power Inner Circle


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