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Energetic vampirism: awareness and self-defence

Updated on October 18, 2012

I am sure many of us have a keen interest in working with ‘energy’, or rather an intuitive awareness of it. Personally, I believe everyone should have some basic training in Reiki or energy healing for the simple reason that being aware of subtle energies gives the individual a tool for maintaining health. I want to tackle, for this purpose, the subject of energetic or psychic vampirism.

It is easy to understand how a phenomenon such as psychic vampirism is also in the domain of the possible: one can energize the aura or deplete it. How, is the question? A walk in a forest and any relaxing activity such as meditation, for example, have the effect of energizing the aura and the ki. The experience of walking through a forest leaves the aura replenished: the effect on the body-mind system is that the individual feels happy, relaxed and more centered. Conversely there are situations that are perceived as draining. Commuting on a train packed with people, or the ‘city’: pollution, no green, noise. Some people are even experienced as draining. It doesn’t mean that these people are necessarily aggressive or unpleasant: yet it’s very common to have experienced a person that ‘drains’ energy. The effect may be an instant feeling of tiredness, a headache, breathing problems.

Vampirism, as said before, is not glamorous. Cinema, TV and literature may have romanticized and made the subject ‘cool’: the inner truth of the person who needs to suck energy to sustain their own is that they have an unhealthy energy system at the core, an unsustainable one fundamentally, and for many reasons. Aurically speaking, there is energy for everyone and there is in principle no need to ‘vampirise’ another human being: a connection to nature, the right lifestyle, a healthy emotional/mental/spiritual body when in balance are more than enough to sustain the person’s ‘ki’.

On the subject of ‘energetic vampirism’, there is a comprehensive university-based study by Joe H. Slate PhD, ‘Psychic Vampires’. This study is scientifically based and goes beyond the lore and tradition focusing instead on energy matters. What is psychic vampirism exactly? Psychic vampirism is the energetic equivalent of the bloodsucking of fictional vampires. The energetic vampire sucks ‘ki’ to sustain their own. Slates so defines the human energy system and psychic vampirism in his book ‘Psychic Vampires’:

The study (at Athens State College) found the human energy system to be a highly sensitive, complex phenomenon that is affected by the mental and physical state of the individual as well as a host of external factors. Of particular relevance to the system are a variety of social influences, including our interaction with other human energy systems.

Taken together, the evidence is clear – the human energy system, with its complex structure and functions, is flawlessly engineered to energize and sustain our existence as an indestructible life-force entity. It transcends biology in essence, function, and design. (…) Psychic vampirism is a widespread yet often unrecognized human energy phenomenon that can interrupt out growth and impede our progress. (…) It exists in a variety of forms, each of which subtly consumes its victim’s energy and over the long haul, erodes the energy system itself. Although no known force can totally destroy the human energy system because of its cosmic makeup, psychic vampirism can impair its functions and seriously damage its capacity to energize growth.

Slate differentiates between psychic vampires who are aware and those unaware of their vampiric activities. He classifies three types of vampirism:

  1. One-on-one Psychic Vampirism: any form of vampirism between two persons
  2. Group Psychic Vampirism: vampirism that has a collective exploitative quality, involving groups and organizations
  3. Parasitic Vampirism: internal form of self-vampirism, vampirism turned against the self (self-detructive mechanisms)

For the purposes of this article, I will illustrate the further classifications Slates derives from his analysis of one-on-one psychic vampirism, where he identifies several ‘personality types’. You may notice that the language used is the one found in psychology texts, and that doesn’t surprise me! It is reasonable to state that, being the aura the seat of the emotional and mental bodies as previously addressed, the issues resulting from auric activity will be of an emotional and mental quality. The following are the types identified:

  1. The Narcissistic Vampire: exaggerated sense of self-importance, attention seeking, overestimates and takes credits for others’ accomplishments. Controlling. Lack of empathy. Superficial charm, self-promotion. Very poor sense of self and fragile self-esteem. Serious difficulty in working with people. Profession: academic setting, pseudo-intellectual, con artists.
  2. The Schizoid Vampire: withdrawn, pathetic, emotionally cold, loners. Painful feeling of isolation and deep insecurity. Social interaction used for vampire activities, they then look and seem more sociable.
  3. The Paranoid Vampire: paranoid thinking consumes a lot of energy, so they are very active. Suspicion, distrust, hostile, vengeful. Quick vampire assaults often for revenge.
  4. The Antisocial Vampire: deceitful, manipulative, typically male, bullying, violating rules. They use vampire activity to reach their own goals.
  5. The Addictive Vampire: compulsion motivated by lack of energy but also by conquest. Resembles pathological gambling and sexual addiction.
  6. The Socialized Vampire: socially skilled presents himself as trustworthy, friendly and cooperative and seem on the surface to respect the rights and emotions of others. In reality they have no qualms on draining other people’s energy.
  7. The Cyberspace Vampire: the internet is used as a pipe to draw energy.
  8. The Ambivalent Vampire: insecure, lack of self-confidence, doesn’t see any alternative to vampirising others to get energy. Ambivalent about their activities.

Slate also identifies ‘couple vampirism’ which is specific to relationship situations and balance. There are here various types of co-dependent psychic vampirism according to his study:

  1. The Dependent Relationship: one partner is dependent on the other. Vampiric tendencies can be shown form either the dominant partner or the dependent partner who behaves like a clinging vine.
  2. The Codependent Relationship: vampirism of from both partners on each other.
  3. The Abusive Relationship: the abuser disregards the feelings of the victim, partner domination is the primary goal.
  4. The ‘Perfect’ Relationship: partners drained by the demands of being ‘perfect’, each partner is both vampire and victim.
  5. The Competitive Relationship: the less successful partner taps into the energy of the more successful one.
  6. The Arranged Relationship: relationships based on convenience (financial, business partnership), if it becomes strained a pattern of vampire domination may emerge.

Parasitic vampirism, in contrast with the above, is vampirism directed towards the self, self-sabotaging tactics one may say. Parasitic mechanisms are, in contrast with active vampirism that is aimed at exploiting another person’s energy, phobia based. Parasitic vampirism may include anxiety and various obsessions and compulsions, all ultimately self-defeating. Anything that dents our energy system is considered vampirism, parasitic because this particular kind originates from imbalances in the system itself. The origin of such mechanisms is a painful experience, which lays in the subconscious. This is the list of phobias that are being identified in Joe Slate’s study:

  1. Parasitic Social Phobia: phobia of social situations, public performances.
  2. Parasitic Death Phobia: morbid fear of dying.
  3. Parasitic Hypochrondriacal Phobia: fear of having a serious disease, in spite of medical reassurance.
  4. Parasitic Monophobia: fear of being alone.
  5. Parasitic Ochlophobia: fear of crowds.
  6. Parasitic Claustrophobia: fear of closed spaces.
  7. Parasitic Hematophobia: fear of blood.

Imbalances are present in everyone to a degree, however they are defined as ‘vampiric’ when they seriously stunt the growth and development of the person affected or of the victim, in a word if they are disabling.

Interestingly many of the above definitions have a place in psychiatry and psychology as already said: one may say that perhaps these disciplines, which are ‘rationalized’ versions of energy work, have substituted the knowledge of ‘ki’ and energy works in Western culture. There is obviously a recognition in Western science of mental and emotional issues, however a connection is seldom made between the physical and the mental/emotional spheres such as the one present in Chinese medicine. It is indeed recognized that emotions and mental problems can cause physical ones: however the general approach of the Western medic remains one of not addressing the root cause of the illness (which may be emotional), but the symptoms (which are often physical).

So, in this very spirit, how does psychic vampirism operate on the human energy field, on the aura, in practical terms? Is it a real threat and how can one defend oneself?

Psychic vampirism operates on the energetic level and is something that often happens unintentionally. The problem with unseen energies is that the great majority of people are unaware of their workings, and even of their existence: therefore there cannot be full control in terms of energetic interactions. How do ‘vampires’ attack their victim’s energy?

They attack the aura. The vampire’s aura develops ‘tentacles’ which energetically probe into the victim’s energy field (they can be seen through Kyrlian photography), and deplete it of life-force, either slowly or very quickly, according to the intensity of the attack. The victim may experience a pricking sensation on the corresponding part of the body.

The vampire operates from a position of weakness, and is seeking ‘energy’ to sustain his/her own energy field. The victim is left drained of energy and may feel very tired, dizzy, irritable; there might be other symptoms such as headache. Most ‘energy vampires’ are utterly unaware of their doings. Their energy field may be depleted because of illness, or parasitic vampirism, stress, or issues that go back to childhood abuse.

It is unfortunate that vampires and victims alike don’t have enough awareness of the above energetic processes.The question is though, how does one prevent an attack or defend oneself from one? In my years as a Reiki healer, I had many opportunities to experience the heaviness of the energy of a sick person, or an anxious person, and it was a bit ‘swim or drown’, in terms of learning to cope with something like that that hits you several times a day. When two auras interact, the ‘lighter’ one will automatically ‘cleanse’ the ‘heavier’ one anyway, so to an extent ‘draining’ is inevitable unfortunately. Avoidance therefore might seem as the best tactic and defense.

On other hand, it is sometimes not possible to avoid interaction: in fact, as a therapist I was there to help people recover their health but I had to find a way to protect myself from depletion. Vampirism is altogether a more severe issue, but it’s similar, and defense from aura depletion and vampirism is based on the same principle. Given that the vampire attack perforates the aura and affects it mainly on the emotional and mental levels, it on such levels that the individual has to strengthen her/his system. Awareness of the problem already is a form of defense and protection, because the individual learns to recognize the signs: this seems elementary, but the truth is that most attacks go unrecognized.

Once this is in place, I found that the most effective defense is visualization. Whenever I am under ‘attack’ I visualize a white aura enveloping mine. You can also visualize a mirror between you and the vampire, with the reflecting surface facing the vampire: any bad energy or vampiric attempt will be reflected back to the sender. The stronger your energy is, the better the above techniques will work: always remember to connect to mother earth with your feet, and let the soil take any imbalances and heavy energy coming from your system: this is ok, because the earth will transmute bad energy into positive energy. This is a principle I wrote in big letters in my mind: whenever dealing with heavy energy, one is to seek to transform that energy and make it work for oneself.

The bottom line is simple: heavy energy will affect the individual if the s/he has some heavy energy in her/his system in first place, because energy at a lower frequency simply bounces off when meeting a much higher frequency. Similarly, the vampiric attack will be successful if the vampire’s tentacles can penetrate the victim’s aura, e.i. if the system is vulnerable and open to attack.

Any activity that strengthens the mental/emotional system makes the individual stronger: meditation fosters mental discipline and a spiritual connection; sport develops discipline on a mental and physical level but also on the emotional one, as the body releases ‘happy hormones’ after physical activity; interacting with positive people strengthens our emotional body and enhances out self-esteem; immersion in a natural environment, connection to nature and so on.

Energetic vampires, like all predators seek the weakest link because the weakest is the easiest prey: make yourself strong, and the chances to find a vampire will be slim. Indeed the vampire will not want to find you !

I hope the above has given the reader a better idea of how energetic vampirism operates and how to avoid attack: a lot can be done if every single person looks after herself/himself well, because through strengthening ourselves, we make others stronger too.

Energetic Vampirism

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    • profile image

      Isa ap Eirias 

      2 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Just came across this and while the article was informative I feel it falls into the same problem many articles like it do- it assumes it begins by assuming all psychic vampires are harmful. It somewhat compounds the problem by implying that people that engage in psychic vampirisim are not only doing so willingly, but are ignorant of how energy works.

      Ultimately the techniques you outlined are useful though for dealing with someone that is feeding either unconsciously out of instinctive need, or is unskilled. Psychic vampires (or pranavores as some prefer choosing to avoid the negativity associated with the v word) are not necessarily harmful, nor are the necessarily weak. There hunger stems from the fact that for some reason their body is unable to provide energy properly- they could expend it faster than they can replenish it, or perhaps as some I've met have shown they are simply unable to handle nature's energy and so must rely on energy that is already keyed to the human body.

      The thing is though if they learn control and are not treated like lepers by people like HH they can be beneficial. Most illnesses have a corresponding issue in the bodies energy system that manifest as stagnate or blocked energy and a psi-vamp can elect to simply feed on that stagnated energy allowing the body to naturally replenish itself letting fresh vital energy in and urging the body to heal properly while doing no damage to the person they took energy from. If a vampire like this was actually intent on hurting someone though it's just like any other form of energy work- you have to understand what is being done and essentially out think the person wishing to harm you. The wall of energy (or shield if you prefer) that you put up to protect yourself is still YOUR ENERGY and while defensive can still be fed on by a vampire if they are so inclined although it's like chewing through leather to get to a steak for them.the idea of a mirror to reflect only works if the vampire decides to target YOU, they could just as easily decided to drain the energy they can use from the area your in like a vacuum meaning there is nothing aimed at you but you have nothing to protect you.

      Most psychic vampires (and here's the thing a psychic vampire dosn't have a choice, a spiritual predetor is more akin to what HH and Dr Slate are talking about) eventually come across a thing called "the black veil" which is a simple set of moral guide lines written in the 80's. There are actually several books out there now published by psychic vampires that address without hurting others- such as Raven Kaldera's "The Ethical Psychic Vampire"

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      It's something I've known for around 6 yrs now snd didn't know how to put it into words.

      It's like I can sense it. I can also smell them. They each have a distinct order, as crazy as it sounds.

      My husband is one, at the time I had gotten with him I was very naive about them.

      Now I'm learning more to teach my children about them and how to avoid or to handle them.

    • Laeeka profile image


      3 years ago from Durban, South Africa

      I found this article incredibly informative. I have identified with many of the feelings and emotions that were highlighted. What I found most interesting is that I have rather subconsciously for a short and sustained period of time, been desperate to connect with the earth and taken to walking barefoot on grass and soil patches at a local park. I have only recently begun reading up about the benefits of 'earthing' and 'grounding' which I also find rather interesting.

      I would love to read a second installment of the subject matter raised here. You have given shape, form and voice to a number of things that we experience on a daily basis and haven't until now been able to give a tangible label to the experience. Please do write more on this. Thank you.

    • holisticthealth profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London , UK

      Absolutely, I think many of us can see auras or at least light emanating from the energy field, given the right conditions; the human eye is not very developed so we are limited in that respect.

      When I started researching energy matters I couldn't find a great deal of material in term of scientific research- I don't understand why there isn't much around, because in fact there is a lot of 'empiric' evidence that energy does indeed affect us. But things are changing; in the last ten-fifteen years 'energy' has very much become part of people's vocabulary. You hearsay words like 'vibe', or you hear people refer to the energy field and that's very encouraging. All we need is awareness. The fact that someone opens the mind to an issue such as 'energetic vampirism' is already a protection in itself; once we are alerted to this fact, we become much more aware of subtle energetic interactions and our system is automatically alerted to 'energy loss'.

      I am so glad you have read this! :) Thank you for the lovely words and comments!

    • Curiad profile image

      Mark G Weller 

      6 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

      This is very well detailed and written. There is a lot of great information here for anyone interested in learning about this phenomenon. I have lived with people like this, and have at times as shining said, been able to actually see the auras and the color changes that occur.


    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      6 years ago from Upstate, New York

      In my lifetime I have come in contact with many psychic vampires. They are truly draining and the best remedy is cutting them free of your circle.

      Thankfully I have had the wonderful experience of surrounding myself with healing energies as well.

      I also, from time to time, not often but on some occasions visibly viewed others auras'.

      Very interesting read my friend.

    • holisticthealth profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London , UK

      This is the only one I have come across- shame really, but energetic matters don't seem to titillate the interest of the scientific establishment...yet I think there would be so much to research and discover. I'll have another look around and see if I can find something, but as far as I know, Slate is the only one to have conducted such a study in sucha scientific manner!

    • Dan Barfield profile image

      Dan Barfield 

      6 years ago from Gloucestershire, England, UK

      This is an interesting article. I like to think of myself as scientifically minded but have come to the realisation that saying this about oneself can actually cause one to become closed minded about things which are not yet understood through the lens of the scientific world-view. This notion of an 'energy body' intrigues me greatly. I'd be interested to hear of any other scientific research that has been done in this area. I know it is few and far between - research grants just aren't handed out for such controversial subjects of study. Still - do you know of any?

    • holisticthealth profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London , UK

      I tell you there are sooooo many people who draw energy, and most of the time totally innocently! It also due to the fact that Western culture has firmly put aside the matter of 'energy', for many reasons I suppose; while for example Eastern cultures have retained that- there is a concept for universal energy that is not religious or paranormal, simply 'normal'. Most are utterly unaware of auric interactions- I knew on an intuitive level I suppose before anyone gave a 'meaning' to these processes- and many sensitive people in the West have this intuitive 'knowledge'. It's good to put thise in an organised framework I suppose, and for that I praise Joe Slate! Thanks everyone, love your comments!

    • Laceylinks profile image

      Mary Green 

      6 years ago from Alabama

      I've never read or heard of this vampirism, but I have heard of auras and seen pictures of them. Very interesting. It could explain some physical reactions I have had when dealing with certain people. I have felt weakened at times and had trouble with my breathing (same people involved), so I recognized that. I've never thought about my energy field much beyond immediately removing all of my jewelry when I get home from work because I read that wearing certain metals can cause energy disturbances...voted up and interesting!

    • Reginald Boswell profile image

      Reginald Boswell 

      6 years ago from Alabama

      HH Interesting perpective. I called these people conceded in my last hub, they basically do the same thing draw strenght from others to satisfy themselves, "wolves in sheep clothing so to speak."

    • holisticthealth profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London , UK

      A complex subject indeed...I first became aware of 'vampires' while working as a Reiki healer! Happy you enjoyed the article. The fact that you are now aware of 'vampirism' already protects you from this very common practice! Awareness is the first step towards energy management ;)

    • Zenyarzis profile image


      6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Great article and very informative! I just became aware of the "vampirism", that it is real! Thank you for sharing your defending methods, I love the one with mirror!:)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wowee, what a well-written and informative article that every Energy Worker needs to read. This is a most interesting subject indeed! Look forward to reading more of your hub articles (and a belated welcome to HubPages).

    • holisticthealth profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from London , UK

      Thank you Dr Middlebrook! I'll have a look at 'Toxic Friendship'. Dr Joe Slate is the first and more or less an isolated case as far as I know who has researched 'energy' from a scientific perspective-I like his approach. If you are interested in the subject I strongly suggest you read his books' Psychic Vampires' and 'Aura Energy': it opened a whole new world for me! Keep well:)

    • drmiddlebrook profile image

      Sallie B Middlebrook PhD 

      6 years ago from Texas, USA

      This is so interesting. It reminds me of what I wrote about last week, in my article on "toxic friendship." I'm writing a short story that involves a lot of what you're discussing in this article. Well researched, and easy to read. Thanks for this! Keep on writing, you're good.


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