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Energize with Aromatherapy

Updated on June 24, 2013

Essential Oils

Essential oils in dark bottles
Essential oils in dark bottles

About Aromatherapy

Smell plays an important part of our lives, it can sense danger, such a fire, or it can bring back memories, such as the smell of a perfume a loved one used to wear. Smell is very useful to us, people who lose their sense of smell often become depressed, as it is such a large sense to loose. We use smell without even thinking about it. We smell food and drink as well as taste it, and smell to test if food is okay to eat.

With all smells, aromatherapy oils or the scent of the oils, as we inhale the scent passes over our olfactory nerve in our nose, up to the part of the brain which controls our moods, memories and learning. This is called the limbic system and when stimulated releases endorphin's which are our pleasure giving hormones. So the smell then effects the mind and emotion. When aromatherapy is used, you are just controlling which moods you want to stimulate, such as relaxation or invigoration. There are certain oils which do these better.

Aromatherapy uses plant oils, it takes the essence of the plant to produce essential oils. These oils have been found to benefit us psychological and physically.

Some are very expensive to produce such as Jasmine oil.

The oils are natural but you still need to take care with them, some have strong effects and caution is needed.

  • Never take oils internally
  • Always dilute
  • Do not use when pregnant
  • People with asthma or epilepsy should take care and seek professional advice before experimenting with the oils

The essential oil are natural, volatile and evaporate, releasing their aroma, and surrounding you with a scent that can uplift, energize or relax.

When buying the oils, they come in a dark bottle which is dark for a reason, they should be kept out of direct sunlight and in a cool dark place. The bottle usually has a dropper so that only drops can dispense at a time as only small amounts are required.

Methods Of Use

There are lots of oils for energizing and different methods of applying aromatherapy.

As we are not going to a professional we need to be safe and so I recommend that you use an oil burner, or diffuser of some sort. With an oil burner, you put a tea light candle at the bottom and then fill the top with water (I tent to use warm water as the candle heat does not have to warm it first) then about 10 drops of the oil you wish to use, place in your room and let the aroma fill the room surrounding your and your family with an uplifting fragrance.

You can buy all sorts of burners and diffusers to suit your taste. There are also ones you place around a light bulb and put the oil in a ceramic ring that fits on the light bulb, but you do have to be careful not to break the bulb or get oil on the light bulb itself.

You can also use a few drops in a tissue, but this would just be for a more personal use, when you, yourself need a boost of energy.

You can add to the bath, which you will then inhale through the steam. Mix about 5 drops with a small amount of oil such as almond oil or soya or coconut. Add the blend to the bathwater just before you get in, pouring it slowly under the hot water tap so the oil disperses into the air and water.

For a quick fix, boil two cups of water and put in a bowl with 10 drops of essential oil of your choice, this will fill the room with a wonderful smell, but will not last for a very long time as the heat will make the oil diffuse quickly, but it is nice for a quick boost.

You can also buy electric diffusers which have a small dish which you put the oil in and the element heats it to keep the fragrance dispersing though out the day.

Or you can buy scented candles which have an already mixed fragrance.

Of course you can go to an aromatherapist and have a wonderful and uplifting massage, that will leave you feeling energized and full of life too.

Candle Burners

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Glass BurnerCeramic BurnerScented Candles
Glass Burner
Glass Burner
Ceramic Burner
Ceramic Burner
Scented Candles
Scented Candles

Which Oils To Use

Aromatherapy can be very effective for energizing and uplifting the spirits.

Always smell the oils to be sure that you like the smell before you buy them.

1. After a long day but you need renewed energy as you are going out, burn 10 drops of basil oil while you are getting ready to help renew your energy levels.

2. Tea Tree is good for mental fatigue, it promotes blood flow to the brain.

3. Peppermint, rosemary and basil, put 1-2 drops on a handkerchief or tissue if you are feeling fatigued

4. In a burner, 4 drops of basil 2 drop of cypress and 4 drops of grapefruit will help you stay alert

5. Or, 4 drops of rosemary and 6 of bergamot, will do the same thing,

6. In a warm bath 4 drops of mandarin, and 2 of orange will invigorate you, so will 2 drops of neroli and 2 of lemon

You just have to pick which ones you like the best as if you like them then they will benefit you, as you will want to inhale the fragrance, and uplift your senses.

There are lots of combinations that work well together, but just pick one or two that you like the smell of at first and see how they make you feel.

I have just put a few ideas together to start you off.

Burner To Energize

Energize yourself with basil
Energize yourself with basil

A Few Energizing Oils

oil burner, steam in the bath.
Renewed Energy
Tea Tree
Oil burner or steam in bowl
Brain Fatigue
Steam in a bowl
Pour in your bath
Oil burner
Brain Fatigue
2 of each
Steam in a bowl
Brain Fatigue
4 of each
Steam in a bowl
Oil burner
Pour in your bath
3 grapefruit/2 ginger
Oil Burner
Jet Lag
2 of each
Oil Burner
In your bath

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