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Energizing with Quantum Biofeedback

Updated on February 25, 2015

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What is it?

The EPFX and the SCIO are high-tech complementary health devices that assist health practitioners to find energetic imbalances and health issues. The system is programmed with thousands of tests that measure both physical and spiritual aspects of the subject. It’s kind of like a virus-scanning program on our computers – it checks all our systems on many levels then gives a report on our condition and continues to correct these conditions if possible. This device was developed by Professor Bill Nelson of Hungary over a period of many years combining quantum technology with holistic medicine. The whole premise of quantum biofeedback is that our bodies and minds are constantly sending electrical impulses communicating through our nervous system and if we can get in tune with these cellular impulses, we can learn to correct them and improve our health.

Energy in the Eagle Nebula

How it works.

When one goes in for a session, the practitioner makes you comfortable in a big easy chair that lifts your feet and supports your head, then puts padded straps around your head, wrists and ankles that are connected with cords to the system. You are asked to relax, take some deep breaths and stay quiet for a few minutes while the device makes its scan of your systems. After this initial scan the practitioner can determine which areas are weak and need some adjustment. A monitor sits in front of the patient as well as the practitioner so both see what the device is discovering.

This quantum biofeedback device is the largest healthcare software package in the world, combining both eastern and western philosophies and techniques to provide optimal energetic testing. I was diagnosed with pneumonia a week after I had a biofeedback session that warned of a fungal infection and weakness in my lungs. It helped prepare me for that ordeal, and I’m sure the balancing done on that day aided my recovery.

It takes months of training to become somewhat proficient with the Quantum Biofeedback system, and years to develop finely-honed skills with the many therapies and modalities the device offers. From nutrition to acupuncture, dental and cranial sacral, this energetic system is extremely intuitive and accurate with the expert guidance of the practitioner.

The use of Quantum Biofeedback is becoming more popular as the technology advances and our allopathic choices leave us scrambling for prescription drugs. One must always weigh the benefits of these integrative programs with the diagnosis and treatments a family doctor may prescribe. The device makes no claims to cure any disease or condition, but states that it uses our energy fields to correct imbalances. There is a definite distinction. I find it fascinating, even miraculous, that this technology has been developed and anyone can experience its effects with hardly a chance of side effects. One is always asked to drink a lot of water and rest after a session, and hopefully take notice of any lifestyle or symptom changes. I know many people who have been revitalized by these healing, balancing sessions through understanding better what their bodies and minds are requesting. It is especially helpful with children who are often unable to communicate their discomforts. Discovering food intolerances could make all the difference to a young child.

Find a practitioner and give this amazing system a chance to discover the real reasons for your aches, pains and mental state. Visit QuantumHealthSite and schedule a "distance" session. It really is effective. You can also visit HERE to find out more.


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