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Energy Healing Guide

Updated on June 1, 2011

The techniques involved in energy healing embrace the concept that there is an energy force that flows through the human body and all people are interconnected because of that energy.  The universal energy of life may also be referred to as ki, chi or qi depending on the various philosophies. The concept of energy healing is based on the belief that physical disease results from the imbalance of life force energy. An energy healer is able to capture the energy that is in another person and direct it towards specific parts of the body of the person that is being healed. The power of energy healing is most beneficial when the person being treated is totally open to receiving the healing energy.

Philosophies of Energy Healing

Energy healers practice their respective methods of healing depending on their individual belief or training. Some of the tools they may use to help in healing are needles, crystals, music, magnets, stones, incense and meditation. Each of these things is thought to evoke changes in the energy levels during the healing sessions.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing technique where thin needles are inserted at various points of the body in order to balance the body’s energy. The goal of acupuncture is to balance the Yin which is negative and the Yang which is positive

Reiki therapy involves a Reiki practitioner that places their palms on areas of the body called Chakras. Each of the Chakras is an energy center responsible for the well being of specific parts of the body. When a person feels pain it is thought to be a result of an energy blockage within the body. The Reiki practitioner heals by making sure that the energy channels within the body flow clearly.

In Polarity or Magnet therapy the practitioner balances the horizontal and vertical zones of energy in the body which may become unbalanced because of negative and positive charges. Magnets and massage are used to bring the body back to a balanced energy level along with a cleansing diet and self awareness.

The use of crystals in energy healing is thought to stimulate the energy to a higher level because of elevated vibrations. The healer will place crystals on various points of the body to enhance the healing process.

Energy Healing
Energy Healing

Does Energy Healing Work?

Energy healing has been used alone and in conjunction with various medical treatments for a very long time. It is an important aspect of alternate or natural healing philosophies.

It has not been proven to be directly responsible for real healing but it does promote a sense of well being which promotes wellness. A person who is open to the beliefs of energy healing will say that it definitely works but a person who is not as receptive will question its benefits.

Energy Healing Demonstration


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