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Energy drinks – death by sugar caffeine

Updated on October 17, 2011

Energy drinks are very popular, especially with teens and young adults who are in high school and college. According to research, 31 percent of teenagers say they drink energy drinks on a regular basis. That is about 7.6 million teens, 3 million more than three years ago. So according to this study, one million teens join in on the energy-drinking craze every year.

That's not the worst part about it though, also in recent studies, it has been discovered that these teens are downing several cans in a row just to get a bit of a caffeine/sugar rush. It is because of teens and young adults that the energy drink business is a multi-million dollar business, a business that grew a whopping eighty percent since just last year.

Sugar and Caffeine = Death

This all would not be so bad if energy drinks were not loaded with caffeine and sugar. But then again would teens really like it if it were not loaded with all that unhealthy junk? What happens is the kids are getting hooked on these caffeine drinks and go on a really harmful jolt and crash cycle. The drinks contain so many different ingredients that have caffeine that it is almost impossible to tell how much you can get out of one can.

It's like these kids grew up watching the things that their parents did and how society views what their parents did. Just because society says it is ok does not make it ok. So drinking major amounts of caffeine and sugar are not the best thing in the world for you. However, there is another, safer way for teens and even adults to get the energy they need without having those horrible side effects.

If everyone would drink natural energy drinks instead of the caffeine and sugar filled junk America's population would be so much healthier. Of course, it would mean going out of business for most, if not all, of the companies that make unhealthy energy drinks. Super food energy drinks are filled with vitamins and nutrients that you really cannot find elsewhere.

Best of all, these healthy drinks are 97% easily digested and have no harsh side effects known to scientists. Where as unhealthy energy drinks can cause things like diabetes, hypertension and cause your heart to race. These healthy super foods are also good for the environment because they use very little resources to grow and have twice the nutrients of most fruits and vegetables.

There are many natural energy supplements on the market today. Most of them have little to no side effects and have been studied extensively. They have been proven to be very safe and easy on the digestive system. These energy boosters, as they are called, are made from 100 percent natural ingredients that are extremely healthy for the body containing all the nutrients that the body needs and craves.


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    • profile image

      viv energy 

      9 years ago

      I have to agree with the author. Energy drinks are harmful to our health, that's the reason why I started using the natural ones and have to say you that the effects are better and still for a longer time...

    • profile image

      J Conduit 

      10 years ago

      I quite agree with the first comment above. Besides the caffeine levels, there is also aspertame and the sugar levels that someone has to be aware of. If someone is looking to lose weight or have more energy, there are lots of other natural energy drinks, supplements and workouts that can attain the same thing without having "momentary surge of energy but eventual death in a bottle" to take.

    • profile image

      beths nutrition 

      10 years ago

      I don't think enough people realize what's actually in caffeine and how it affects their bodies. I've seen videos of mice injected with caffeine and it's quite scary (it also makes me wonder whether animal testing is ever ethical). It's yet another way that many people are slowly poisoning themselves.

      I remember thinking as a kid that caffeine was a "grown up" thing (my mom was strongly against us drinking it until we had reached a certain peak in our growth). But it really still isn't good for us even as grown ups. And that thought probably makes the children think that caffeine is a good thing and something they should try (even if they're not allowed it at home).

      But between the risk of addiction and the high/low states that excessive caffeine intake leads to, it's just a bad idea. Sugar too, especially high-fructose corn syrup like sodas use. In fact, I believe that high-fructose corn syrup is addictive as well.

      Thanks for sharing this important information!


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