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Engaging the Organs

Updated on March 26, 2014

Engaging energies


Engaging the Organs


Engaging the organ functions in the electromagnetic sphere we call our body, with the natural elements in the electromagnetic world like rocks, rivers, streams, oceans, and seas. The electromagnetic fields of energy in the human body is an aerial receptor with simultaneous reception and transmission of light radio waves (William L Smith

So what we are thinking of is like stepping into a twilight zone of sorts; that is supernatural and is surreal; but it is in a natural setting of what is possible.

There are fields of electromagnetic energy like in Tanzania of hydro-energy, biomasses, thermo-energy that send and interchange electrical impulses and responses with the human body. They are the natural spectacles or wonders that some cultures seek out to find what is of the best benefit to health and wellness to heal their bodies with.

When we practice the experiences of interconnecting or interchanging these electrical impulses or frequencies we engage parts of the body like the organs to function at a different or enhanced level. There are frequencies that are not good for the functionality also. There are negatives in everything in this natural world so we have to be wary of the pro’s and con’s and the contrasting differences they have on our bodies.

This result is a result of human consciousness in an alert state of mind, where we are aware of the vibrations and frequencies.

One that we do not normally think of or can be thought of is an unconscious state. There are also levels of unconscious and conscious levels to speak of that would include music and the vibrations and frequencies that quench an emotion or sense that we are drawn to. Our brain is amplified with electrons, protons, and neurons sending messages back and forth where our bodies respond or react in to different sounds, melodies, and musical frequencies (radiowaves). The frequencies and the responses and reactions could be measured with an electroencephalogram (EEG). This is currently used in different medical clinics and hospitals where impulses are measured. An example would be bloodflow and heart rates.

A practiced science and art called “Feng Shui” is derived from China and is an ancient art of balance of energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune. A map and compass called a Luo-Pan, is used for more complex and deeper information in relation to the energies that are emitted from land or under buildings. Other forms and use of Feng Shui are crystals or mineral rocks that emit vibrations or frequencies that improve or enhance energies between humans and earthly objects ( They are considered natural sources of energies that the minerals or rock contain in their chemical compounds ( In addition to these beneficial natural elements that are available are the enjoining of the Mayan energy beliefs and Indian cultural beliefs of the chakras and there beneficial qualities with the mineral rocks or massages.

Another source of response or reaction to natural sources would be colors. Different colors provoke different responses and reactions. This is a documented fact

The organ’s we want to provoke in enhancing or betterment of the body would be the primary organs and we will briefly discuss the function.

  • HEART produces Blood flow
  • PANCREAS produces insulin AND OXYGEN IN THE BODY
  • LIVER red and white blood cells
  • BONE MARROW white blood cells (oxygen carriers) produces and purifies body
  • LUNGS produce Oxygen and cleansing of the body of carbon dioxide.
  • ADRENAL GLANDS produce dopamine
  • SPINAL CORD the Great Interconnector
  • THE BRAIN/MIND our mobile transmitter and transcended interpreter (Neurotransmitter)
  • THE SYNAPES OF THE BODY main inter-connections of the limbs, muscles, organs, and tissues.

Visualizing, enjoining, engaging the natural elements that are available to us will and can improve our wellbeing and health by including and enjoining cultural beliefs from around the globe. The Americas is a diverse population and is one of the most culturally engaging places on this earth. Where else on earth can we learn about other cultures and infuse them with our own. We are electric!

Volume 1, Issue 33, 4-4-2013

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