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Environmental Stress - the Silent Killer

Updated on September 8, 2015

What "Stress" Truly Means

You and your body and mind are the most delicate, intricate and amazing universe you could possibly imagine. You are home to millions, no, trillions of cells and microbes, each with their own perfect environmental needs - a specific temperature and access to food, water, oxygen - much like you and I.

If the temperature changes, millions of those little fellows may become dysfunctional or die - which would be a real calamity! Like all ecosystems, one microbe is food for another, so if a food source dies there may be a lot of dead predators, or if the predators breed and run out of food they may become hostile and suddenly change their diet to be another source - such as your own cells or enzymes - scary stuff really.

Maintaining this perfect environment would be easy, if you weren't exposed to external factors that could alter the environment and cause your body to have to work that much harder.

These stressors could be anything, for example:

Thirsty? Your body is dehydrating and millions of your cells are dying in your internal desert or filling up with toxins they can't flush (ewww)

Hungry? Your body has work to do and no energy source - ever driven far in a car with no fuel?

Tired? Your body needs rest, time to focus on its REAL work rather than all the overtime you make it do by going to gym, eating junkfood, chasing deadlines, drinking coffee and being an active human.

Hot? Your microbes and cells are feeling it too and need to work overtime to maintain your core body temperature and not boil to death. Dehydration is always a threat here as invariably your body uses water to maintain your core temperature.

Cold? Same thing really - your cells have an optimal temperature range and can't do what they need to in freezing temperatures. Frost bite and hypothermia are examples of this in extreme.

Difficulties at home or with finances? Worry affects your tummy which can lead to ulcers or other digestive issues

Struggling to forgive or get over a shock or emotional incident? Constipation tends to happen round about this point and your bowel struggles to eliminate toxins which then makes it a breeding ground for nasties. To clear it all out you again need more water which most people fail to consider.

Drinking too much tea or coffee? These two cups of joy are unfortunately anti diuretics - dehydrating your kidneys and robbing your body of essential water.

Feel anger at work? Anger is processed by your liver and when its full, its function becomes compromised. Suddenly this affects your metabolism, ability to digest fats and oils and the cleansing of your system and blood filtration - serious stuff!

The list is really endless as your body can be over taxed by almost anything if you aren't careful and give it a little TLC.

Your Subconscious Mind - the REAL Thinker

Your conscious or thinking mind, the little voice that keeps you company all day long, is really only managing 5% of your life. The REAL boss, is the subconscious mind, which works much like that of our animal companions and drives our basic survival needs and internal processes.

Your subconscious mind is like a tape recorder that is forever on "record" and then replays what it sees. It has no opinions, no value judgments, no definition of right and wrong. It merely sees what's going on around it and yes, Monkey see monkey follow the leader.

This would explain how animals and babies mimic their parents - its survival through subconscious programming. Its why your child does what you do and not what you say and picks up all your bad habits, despite your endless chastising.

It's why you sound just like your parents despite yourself, when you admonish your children.

Its also why, you can start to feel really depressed or angry or out of control when your environment is less than ideal.

Your subconscious mind is what drives your body - you never have to tell your heart to beat or your cells to work....they are all controlled by your subconscious mind.

What Your Environment is "Teaching " You

Now that you understand that you are walking around absorbing data much like a sponge - think realistically about what impact your daily environment is having on you and your health.

Headlines that constantly read negatively about falling markets and looming bankruptcy are being absorbed by your subconscious and are telling you that it is impossible to succeed in today's financial world.

Death, destruction, blood and gore on television is all being filtered directly to your subconscious and is actually triggering your adrenal glands and warning your body that you are in danger! Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an image and the real thing. Ever felt your heart pounding in a scary movie?

Super skinny models in media and on television are constantly triggering your sub conscious and making you aware that if you are bigger than they are, you are abnormal - its not a conscious process, we are all struggling to attain an illusional state of beauty. Those images are photoshopped and yes your conscious mind knows this - your subconscious mind doesn't think - it RECORDS!

Political dramas and constant updates of corruption are being recorded in your mind too - even if you aren't "paying attention" to the news broadcast or newspaper headlines on street poles - your subconscious mind is recording absolutely everything and telling you that people are deceitful, cheating and corrupt.

Now think about all this stress and how quickly it adds up to utter chaos in your system:

Your adrenal glands are constantly in overdrive as they perceive you to be in almost permanent danger

Life seems particularly difficult and happiness is impossible to achieve which puts your pancreas under strain affecting your sugar and insulin levels

You are angry almost all the time because you feel you are the victim of corruption and deceit, putting your liver into over drive

You are worried all the time about your finances, your job, your relationship, your children - this has a massive impact on your digestive tract and can lead to IBS, constipation, diarrhea, ulcers and cancer

You have a completely unrealistic view of what you should look like so you fall short of your own expectations daily, leading to low self esteem and depression which affects your hormone levels and blood pressure

You feel like you have to work harder than everyone else to keep ahead of the game at work which means you rely heavily on tea, coffee or stimulants which are anti-diuretics, putting your kidneys under massive pressure and dehydrating your system

Add to this the every day "stressors" of hunger, tiredness, and fluctuating weather systems and you can see that your body is fighting a daily war and without some form of support or therapy, is destined to become very ill!

Great Stress Relieving Therapies

  • Music
  • Yoga
  • BodyTalk
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Getting Back to Nature
  • Exercise
  • Pets
  • Family Time
  • Art
  • Reading
  • Flotation Therapy

How To Get Off the Un-Merry Go-Round

1. Recognise that all that media hype is there to drive you towards consumerism - you don't need another car / home / boat / pair of shoes - you need to manage your finances and live comfortably.

2. Make some YOU time - where its quiet and peaceful and you can wonder off into your own happy place for a few hours a week. Listen to your favourite music or read a book with your feet up. give your body time to mend what's been broken during the week

3. Drink LOTS of water - it's the only way to flush those toxins and "dirty" cells and give yoru body an internal cleanse

4. Keep a gratitude journal - physically draw your attention to all the good things in your life. Perhaps your job is challenging at the moment but you have the most wonderful home, loving partner and amazing garden - plus that chocolate cake and wine you're about to have - yummmmm!

5. Try not to compare yourself to fake images of people. You may be shorter than Cindy Crawford but she'd kill for your eyes!

6. Exercise - get that heart pumping and blood flowing to all your tissues and organs - its the best form of internal massage

7. Have a real massage - a little touch therapy goes a long way to helping you relax and feel safe and loved.

8. Surround yourself with greenery as often as possible. Whether you have a lovely big garden or a balcony full of pot plants, getting back to nature and silence is key to calming your sensory input.

9. Try and eat as many organic, fresh, whole foods a day as possible. Digesting food is hard enough work without your system having to sort through the trash and eliminate hundreds of toxins.

10. Have BodyTalk as often as possible. It'll boost your brain function, drop your stress levels, support and balance ALL your internal systems and help you release that old emotional baggage so that every day becomes easier, not harder to manage.

Unwind with Soul Music


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