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Equanimity~The Art of Knowing Oneself

Updated on March 1, 2013
Photos by Emanate Presence
Photos by Emanate Presence

One perspective

Throughout life, falling down is experienced when the ability of an even mind is lost. Imagine in a vision a body tumbling to the ground. When it is the body of a baby that has just started to walk upright the observing crowd stays emotionally unattached, to the child's ups and downs. By our nature and experience we know that each fall will strengthen the little body for the next choice to develop. Here we take simply the position of a witness observing with wonder the natural process. What turns the switch that we move from a balanced viewpoint to a compulsive reaction that allows personal characteristics to become the judge of how the world has to be?

Humans are still prone to the loss of balance as mastery isn't gained by an upright posture. There are many more falls to come. Each of us has experienced falling into a pit of consuming emotions or we fall into a mental dark abyss created by thought projections. Even on a spiritual level we fall as our radiance gets covered over with ego importance. With our presence suppressed, we wander in the mist lost.

In todays news we observe the lost and disturbed minds of many humans who were traumatized by the judgment of their falls. The crippling fear of being labeled creates a painful imbalance within a human mind.

The video Esoteric Agendas makes the following statement: "... 87% of the population formulates their belief structure according to other peoples ideas. Only 13% formulate their beliefs on logic and evaluation."

Albert Einstein said, "Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions."

Following others characteristics or preferences for one or another thing brings confusion and stagnation, thwarting the full development of one's self.

The art of equanimity is a way of Self-exploration and emotional intelligence. It is the mindful art of living that calls forth true self and the quality that heals the split between our human and divine nature.

Acceptance the Power of Knowing Oneself

For some people, falling is a wake up call to slow down and reflect upon the leading circumstances. Growing beyond blame and expectation opens the door for natural exploration of what lies beyond the measure of the personalized mind. Accepting yourself in any given moment allows compassion to arise. Are we not filled with that mix of love and wisdom when we watch a baby's first steps. How had our lives continued if we had granted ourselves to carry on with an heart of innocent wonder.

To find balance within we have to inquire into what we truly are.

There are many ways to experience walking across the threshold into equanimity, into the zero point or the zone. In the even balance of our mind we can witness the unity of our temporal and eternal aspects. Many people have experienced the moment when personal unrest vanished in the stillness of mind, when the beauty of effortlessness infused their lives.

Runners, climbers, dancers, musicians, little kids, or a human making a spontaneous selfless action, all these people shared the moment when the density created by a dualistic perspective changed to allow the excellence, the benevolence in us to unfold. Human potential is like that of a space shuttle that breaks free from the earth's gravitational pull to explore the vastness.

Seeing the earth from space triggers in the writer feelings of beauty, sacredness combined with a notion of freedom and wonder. Observing our planet as part of the universe calls forth the inquiry of humankind's innate truth.

Over the centuries many belief systems and philosophies have risen to explain the nature of man and the importance of equanimity to neutralize the fear that comes with the fall.

The human mind has become a trickster to bypass what is labeled unpleasant or weak.

Humans who try by all means to fake the composure of a pure witness give away their creative power. To play a role as something that has not become self realized will only suppress further the unconscious chain of attachment and revulsion.

Equanimity is the quality, the connecting principle that unfolds peace within.

by Kati Smith

For another perspective on equanimity by my life partner, see: How to Experience the Bliss of Equanimity: I am Yourself Singing


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