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Escape from Couch Island

Updated on November 4, 2020

Life Beyond the Couch

It is very hard to get off the couch but we must try and make a point of getting up and finding something healthier to do. A great way to get some exercise is to go for a walk perhaps with your partner, dog or both. This is what I myself have been doing recently in trying to get myself off my comfy couch for awhile each day. Many people today are getting stranded on what I call "Couch Island" finding it very difficult to find an escape from it. Going for a walk is a low impact form of exercise; it is probably the best and safest way to start getting some exercise. If you have not been very active for a very long time you must ease into adding some exercise to your regular routine. My border collie (Wallace Braveheart) is my motivation coach, every morning he convinces me to go for a morning walk. We take a walk down the back trail behind our property, where we are more likely to run into wildlife than humans--as we live in an isolated area in Miller Lake on the Bruce Peninsula. Hanging outside with Wallace keeps me away from couch island for longer periods, making this time a win-win for us both!

Out of Shape

Being out of shape is hard on our bodies in so many different ways which have a negative impact on our overall health. I myself am so overweight right now by approximately 70lbs. Some people believe having a start date helps them to commit; if you are this type of person then pick a start date. I find setting a date is a good way to get you in the right frame of mind. I personally prefer to do this as I find if I don't pick a specific date to start dieting, exercising or both I will keep putting it off. However, now that I have Wallace Braveheart--he has been the support to help motivate me to get at least one walk in a day. We must find a system that will work for each and every one of us; something that is going to give us the incentive we need to get active instead of heading to the couch more out of a bad habit than anything else.

Lifestyle Change

Picking that start date and marking it on the calendar can be the start of a good lifestyle change. As far as eating habits go this is another area that it is good to try and improve. When we get stranded on our couches we tend to eat junk food such as chips and dip and sweets such as anything made of chocolate. I believe when we are trying to make changes in our lives it is important to set goals that are within reach; or taking small baby steps that are heading in the right direction. If we make a regime for ourselves that is too brutal the chances of quitting become far higher versus small changes slowly giving our bodies a chance to adjust to the new lifestyle change. This big escape from the couch will be both physically and mentally challenging to our bodies as they have become so used to hanging out on Couch Island. It will take some time to adjust to a more active lifestyle. If you are also planning an escape from the couch just remember to be patient as "Rome wasn't built in a day". Personally speaking, I know it is going to take more than a day to change my lifestyle from an unhealthy one to a healthy one. My first goal is to continue taking my daily morning walks with my personal coach (my dog), adding to the length of my walks as I see fit. To begin with I would suggest starting with a 10-15 minute length walk and building from there. I know how hard it can be to get detached from the couch but to keep ourselves healthy and active we must escape from "Couch Island". We certainly do not want to become stranded there forever! We must start putting our own personal plan of escape from couch island into action! I wish everyone luck and remember taking that first baby step is heading towards the road of freedom! Don't get me wrong "Couch Island" is a great place to visit I just don't want to become permanently stranded there!

Stranded on the Couch

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