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Essentail Oils and How They Can Help You

Updated on May 27, 2012

Part one:

When I was going to school getting my Esthetician License, I met an amazing woman who specialized in Aromatherapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, and many more Natural practices. But more on those topics later. She captivated me and started to show me the benefits of Aromatherapy amongst the rest of it all.

My first encounter with consisted of her asking if she could put peppermint oil on my back to help with my pain. At that point, I said sure, not actually believing it would do anything. I was wrong. As soon as she rubbed the three drops in her hand onto my back I felt a heat spread through out the muscles in my upper back and shoulders. It had began to tingle and almost instantly the pain went away. I was in shock. I had been an extremely bad car accident in 2007, my neck and back never stop hurting, and I has learned to deal with it. I had a prescription for painkillers that I stopped taking hating the fact I was putting all that medication in my system everyday, that honestly didn't do much.

After about an hour the peppermint oil stopped being hot, and then turned cold, working as an icy hot patch. Three hours later, I could feel the coldness or the heat, but I was still not hurting. For the first time in a long time, I had a good 5 hours of no pain. When I went back to school I asked her about the peppermint oil, and she printed me out a two page list of all its used for. After reading the list, I asked her if there was anything to help me with my sleep issues. She handed me a small vile of both the peppermint oil and Lavender oil, telling me to rub some behind my ears and onto my pillow before bed. So that night when I got home I applied some of the peppermint oil to my back and followed her instructions with the Lavender Oil. Within 3o minutes I was asleep.

Again for the first time, I had fallen asleep before 4am. I slept all night. I cant tell you how amazed I was, feeling bad for all my skepticism. So again, I went back to school, and started picking her brain, becoming obsessed with these oils. Soon I was equipped with Lavender oil for my Sleep issues, peppermint for muscle pains, and Peace and Calming (a mixture of oils) for my anxiety attacks.

The scent from these oils triggers certain parts of your brain, causing your body relax, and feel certain sensations depending on the oil. When smelling the oils it is usually used for panic attacks, sleep problems and headaches. Other oils, when rubbed into the skin can be used for infections, muscle and joint pain, or even healing burns and treating skin blemishes. When ingested, certain oils can help with High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, weight loss, Digestive problems, and sore throat and congestion.

Aromatherapy has been used for Thousands of years, and though many people are skeptical about it, when tried, there are virtually no risks involved. Aromatherapy has begun to take over Spa Industries and even creeping its way into the Perfume industry. Whether used for its smell or its healing properties, Aromatherapy undeniably has many positive aspects.

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