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Discover the Benefits of Aromatherapy Through the Sense of Smell

Updated on February 16, 2020
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Blending Lemon Oil & Basil
Blending Lemon Oil & Basil | Source

Aromatherapy - Using Natural Aromas for Well Being

Our sense of smell is stronger than we may realize. Aromatherapy uses nature's best gifts such as flowers, herbs, bark, and other natural aromas that can be used to stimulate our body, mind and spirit to create the "sense" of well being.

Using essential oils for aromatherapy is an old concept widely used by ancient Chinese, Romans, Greeks, Indians, and Egyptians. If there is one thing that stays true despite the modern advancement of today, it is the old beliefs of the ancient people. Herbs, essential oils, and other uses of nature are beautiful ways of using the earth for our healing.

It is also popular to mix (synergize) various essential oils into recipes. These mixtures can aid in alleviating multiple purposes at the same time. Experiment and find your very own personal recipe that is made just for you.

Lavender - Calming Oil of Aromatherapy

Lavender Oil has the ability to invoke and increase the release of serotonin, thus producing a calming effect on the body.
Lavender Oil has the ability to invoke and increase the release of serotonin, thus producing a calming effect on the body.

TIP: Buy in small quantities as oxygen in partially filled bottles will deteriorate the oil.

Physical, Mental & Emotional Benefits & Uses of Aromatherapy

There are countless benefits of aromatherapy. It is a natural way of healing oneself. The benefits of aromatherapy are not just physical and mental but also emotional.

To note a few:

Better Outlook of Life - People who practice aromatherapy have the opportunity to achieve contentment and peace to their inner core. Basically, because they are less stressed which promotes a happier and calmer feeling. Essential oils (in the use of aromatherapy) have also been medically proven to reduce the stress hormone in humans, which induces relaxation and improved moods. It also promotes better sleep, especially helping those with insomnia or restlessness. It is better than sleeping pills as they have no side effects; aromatherapy simply relaxes you into a lull.

Better Complexion - There are beauty benefits associated with aromatherapy as well. For more naturally enhanced beauty, aromatherapy is known to be effective. It can treat different skin problems such as dry skin. It can also achieve a younger look by slowing down the formation of lines and wrinkles.

Relieves Asthma - People who have breathing problems such as asthma, find that aromatherapy is a harmless way of treating it. There are special oils applied on the chest that reduces wheezing and coughing, naturally calming and clearing out the lungs.

Better Digestive Health - A great way to remain healthy is to maintain a healthy digestive system. For those who want to improve the digestive system and reduce problems like stomachaches, intestinal gas, and nausea, they can use aromatherapy as a remedy.

Aromatherapy benefits are far more than those mentioned. In all sense of the word, aromatherapy is a way for calming and relaxing oneself.

Eucalyptus - Respiratory Oil of Aromatherapy

Eucalyptus can act as a decongestant. Inhaling it can help break up mucus.
Eucalyptus can act as a decongestant. Inhaling it can help break up mucus.

TIP: Essential Oils should be pure botanical extracts not reproductions made of chemicals.

Synergy in Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful way of approaching different ailments, from anxiety to sunburn, it just requires knowing some of their basic qualities. For example, Sweet Birch is an effective analgesic (a substance that relieves pain, not to be confused with an anesthetic, which merely removes the ability to feel pain), while rosemary is an antispasmodic, good for handling muscle spasms.

Every essential oil has a suite of different effects that can be utilized in a mixture intended to help treat a complaint. While it may seem logical to increase the strength of a single oil to create a more obvious effect from a given mixture, there is actually a much more effective way that is overlooked by many amateur blenders. This effect is known as synergy; and is part of the reason why the best medications for treating different issues are a blend of medicines, rather than a single one. Whether it is OTC migraine medications (often a blend of Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and Caffeine) or the prescription drugs issued by your doctor, the concept of synergy can be found everywhere.

Synergy is the well-known behavior of two substances with the same effect (Rosemary and Sweet Orange are both Antispasmodics for example) working better together than a double dose of either alone. If you carefully consider the different elements of your blends, you can create a powerful effect using less of any one oil, and often less overall in the end, while being more effective.

Rosemary - Mental Stimulant Oil of Aromatherapy

Rosemary improves circulation to the brain. One of many aromatherapy uses.
Rosemary improves circulation to the brain. One of many aromatherapy uses.

TIP: Apple Blossom and Peach Blossom cannot be extracted.

DIY - How To Make Essential Oils at Home


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