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Eucalyptus Oil: How it can help you

Updated on June 2, 2012

The Eucalyptus tree is native to Australia, as a part of a the Evergreen family. The the oil is known to be a volatile oil, because of it's strong scent, most do not include it as an aromatherapy oil. With that being said, Eucalyptus in known mainly for its benefits in treating respiratory ailments, insect stings, an anti-bacterial solution for burns and scrapes etc. Though when used in high quantities, this oil can be toxic, and interfere with homeopathic treatments.

When using this oil always limit it to a few drops onto a cotton swab or cotton ball.

Fevers: Eucalyptus oil can be applied externally to reduce fevers caused by infectious diseases. When a few drop are applied to a cool rag, place on the forehead, back of the neck or over kidneys and pelvic regions. Only a small amount is needed or a chilling effect can take place.

Pain in Dogs: animal studies and vets have confirmed that when Eucalyptus is applied around wounds and hurting joints of dogs it can reduce pain.

Anti-septic gargle- Eucalyptus is a powerful anti-septic and can be used as a germicide to kill staphylococcus bacteria and even treat tuberculous.

Heal burns, cuts and scrapes: Apply a very small amount to the wounds to treat infections.

Hair loss: Rub onto the scalp, this will help prevent hair loss, and stimulate hair growth by stimulating the sebum in the skin and stimulating blood flow.

Massage Oil: mix a few drops, with a carrier oil (any vegetable oil), this will help with fatigued muscles and aches and pains.

Insect stings: Use baking powder and water to create a paste, apply to the sting to stop the pain. (this mixture absorbed the poison) then using a cotton ball apply Eucalyptus oil and cover with a clean bandage.

These are the top uses for Eucalyptus Oil. Again, consult a doctor before using this oil, for those with sensitive skin or who are prone to allergies take caution. It has been known for some skin irritations. IF you would like a more in debt understanding of Eucalyptus Oil follow the links I have posted below.


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