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Every passing Mothers day

Updated on March 8, 2016

When most of them celebrate,i look up to the sky then end up shading tears all because of you. It wasn't as we planned it, you assured me that you would be around all through and of all my desires, the greatest was taking care of you at old age because i saw how you looked after Grandma...

...all those boyish dreams never came to pass and everything we planned collapsed not even the foundation was left. Honestly, my heart was broken. People around tried to cheer me but tell me which comfort is greater than yours? The space you left behind has not been filled and every day seems just the same since you left.

Reality actually struck me when i saw them lowered that brown casket. What followed next was endless tears and to worsen it was every passing Mother's day. You know, no matter where i was, you always made out time for me during Mother's day but after 1991, my story changed because i became motherless.

Do i still look up to the sky?

Of course because you are there and you are the brightest star up there, words are not enough to describe your love, nothing is big enough to replace you, not even your grands, the joy they bring can't compete with the one you gave, each time i look at myself, i know that i am incomplete. Except one who has lost a mother, none can understand the impact of your demise.

Mummy, they said it was untimely but i refuse to accept that notion because you finished all you came to do, your last duty was to bring me on board then hang around for fifteen years. Yes, i was immature but you taught be how to stand without yearning for support, you knew that i would be fine so on the 21st of December 1991 you left without a word.

When my peers were preparing for the Christmas, i was preparing for your funeral. Until whenever my time here is up, surely we shall meet to part to more. It would have been the 40th Mother's day with me but although you are not around and will surely never be around anymore, i still sing that song you taught me...

Jigidem- Onye nwem Jesus Jigidem
Jigidem ooo- Jigidem
Onye nwem Jesus Jigidem
Oso gi... kam na agba
Kam na agba
Mmeri gi- kam ga emeri uwa
Nyem ike- Ogenine
Kam ghalu ida- Kam ghalu ida

Still in my memory, now and forever.

For my Mother.

"Mummy, mama buchimbu, omalicha nwayi, nwunye Anyadike, we will always love you."

I still have that picture because you knew why you took me to the studio to take it, i didn't know then but now i know.

Happy Mother's day Mummy...


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