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Everyday I Choose

Updated on June 21, 2016

I Am Learning That I Choose My State Of Being

I have been struggling lately with choices and I know it's because I'm going through what I like to call a growth spur. When I go through these growing pains I realize I need to give myself a high dose of positive medication. Inject my soul with positive insulin and drink some good inspiring spirits. I am learning that I choose my state of being. Even when things are not going the way I'd like, I can choose to make it better. I've felt out of control, things happened that have caused me anxiety and depression. I've felt hopeless at times because all I saw were the problems, never did I see my power, my strength and that I have choices. Everything that was happening around me was from other people's choices especially when I was younger I had no choice but to put up with them. However, now as an adult I've learned what my strengths are and that I can make choices that can bring me peace. Everyday I choose to become better, healthier and happier. It's all up to me.

It's Your Choice

First we have to choose to stop thinking and believing that all the rules apply to us. Rules that were set when we were little by our parents, teachers and caregivers. Some of them were healthy such as to brush our teeth before we go to bed. However there were rules such as, you're a girl you can't do that. There are so many rules we learned to follow, I do understand that some were made to protect us. However, there were some rules that caged us. For example, crying is a rule society tells you not to do and it's considered weak. I use to feel like crying was a sign of losing and I viewed tears as weakness. However, I chose to change my mind about crying because I've noticed after a good cry I'd feel lighter, freer and I could think clearer. Today for me, crying is a sign of strength. I embrace it because it's a positive thing to do. I stopped thinking about what society thought and chose what feels good to me.

We have to choose what works for us. It's our right to choose how to live and not always worry about what others think. People are going to have their own opinions anyway, we can't control what they think and it's hard to satisfied everyone. For example, if you want to wear an outfit you like then wear it. I myself use to worry about if I'm too fat to wear a certain outfit or too skinny or too old. I've realized that It's me making a fuss because no matter what outfit I put on, I'd look fine and the people who liked it would tell me and whoever didn't I didn't care anyway, because I liked it. I had to choose to accept my taste in style. A quote I like "Forget the rules, If you like it, wear it". This quote applies to many things in life. It speaks about accepting the things we like, the things we love and not following what everyone is doing or saying. So cry if you need to, wear that outfit that make you feel special, choose the things that make you happy. Our happiness is in our hands, not in others.

I Always Carried My Own Happiness And I Had To Choose To Use Them Or Not

I believe we can choose to be happy. When we realize we have the power to make ourselves happy, everything else will fall into place. However, sometimes we believe others are responsible for our happiness and we have no choice. I once believed my happiness was in the hands of others. I felt I didn't have a choice when it came to being at peace. When the external was chaotic, I felt I had to endure the chaos regardless of how I felt. Until I learned to take responsibility for my own happiness. I became aware of the gifts I had within me but subconsciously I'd put them aside to focus on the negative that was outside of me. I thought that by focusing on the problems I would have control. Little did I know that the problems had control of me and I was doing myself a disservice. However, when I tapped into my gifts or what made me happy such as writing, singing, crocheting, making jewelry and all types of art and crafts. I became happy again and peaceful. I realized I always carried my own happiness and I had to choose to use them or not. We all carry gifts such as being an athlete, a dancer, cook, painter, photographer, and etc. Even if you feel you haven't found your creative side, you can choose to find your happiness. Choose to go on a self-discovering mission in finding out what are your passions and what makes you happy. Make a choice to not let problems and the externals block your creativity. Instead choose to use your gifts to free yourself.


We Can Mentor Others By Choosing To Believing In Ourselves

Choosing to believe in yourself is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. I feel every choice we make benefits everyone. When we choose to do what's in our hearts without worrying about what people think, we inspire others to do the same. We all want to do what's in our hearts however we sometimes let negative thoughts get in the way. Therefore, we can motivate others by believing in ourselves and live life unapologetically.

We can mentor others by choosing to believing in ourselves. Every choice we make today is a guide for others. Simply being you speaks loud and clear.


The Gift Of Happiness Is A Choice We All Deserve

Choose, to remind yourself to be happy. Find ways that will keep you focus on joy. If we decide to be happy no matter what then joy will follow us. There's time to cry, to be sad and angry but we have to choose to give ourselves happiness also. Just like there are cloudy and rainy days , there will also be sunny days. That's what helps the trees and flowers grow. Even nature can teach us how to grow and balance our lives. Life can be challenging, people can be difficult, bills have to get paid and tears will stream down our faces but with that also come love, hugs, growth, wealth and smiles. Darkness can't exist without light. We wouldn't know what light is without darkness. Darkness can be scary but if we keep our focus on what puts a smile our our faces it'll help us ride out the storm and then we'll have tomorrow to start over. Give ourselves the gift of happiness it's a choice we all deserve.


I'm Grateful For Things Money Can't Buy and Grateful For What My Money Can Buy~AAH

Choose to be grateful for all our blessings big and small. We can begin with our breaths and heart beats. Just being here on earth is a blessing, even if our external is dark because it's what's in our hearts that matters. The external can't touch us unless we choose to let it. Every morning is a new day to make better choices for a better tomorrow. Life is about choices and we can begin by being grateful that we have power and strength in our choices. Making a list of what we're grateful for is a choice to remind ourselves that we have a lot, more then what we're aware of. When we begin to be grateful of our blessings we invite more blessings. This is something I recently started to do to remind myself of my blessings, because it's so easy to feel deprived in a world where living large or how much money you make, what you wear, what you drive and where you live is only what wealth is. When wealth is so much more then dollar signs. I have to remind myself that I'm grateful for things money can't buy and grateful for what my money can buy. Wealth comes in different packages and has different definitions for every individual. I feel wealth begins in our hearts and spreads all around and then overflows. Choosing to be grateful for all our blessings is a gift we can give ourselves and others.

It's Our Birthright To Choice

Everyday you have the opportunity to make choices. If you don't, life will choose for you because it's our birthright to choose. Your power is in your choices, your responsible is to make them. It's fine if you make poor choices, we're all practicing. You learn and do your best to make better choices. Choose to choose.


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    • AliciaAH profile image

      Alicia Alarco-Hernandez 3 years ago from Old Bridge, New Jersey

      Hello Denise, yes that's exactly what I was writing about, that's the message that we're so powerful and once we know it life gets a little easier. Thank you for taking the time to read :)

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      It is amazing the power that comes when we realize that we have a choice as to what we will do with our lives. We don't have to be a victim of our circumstances or the desires and whims of others. We have the right and ability to choose. What freedom!