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Everything About Tomatoes. Check it Out!

Updated on August 30, 2019

Did I think we all familiar with tomato? It is kind of fruits with red colour. Tomato is one of the healthiest fruit. Tomato is useful as a source of natural antioxidants. With attractive colour, tomato also enriched with Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
Based on the history Tomato or Lyopercisum esculentum was invented in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. In French, tomato is also well known as “Love Apple” or Pomme D’amour since tomatoes are believed to be able to recover impotence and increase the number of sperm and increase agility movements.

Further research by DR. John Cook Bennett from Willoughby University, Ohio, is the first person who examines the benefits of tomatoes, in November 1834, shows that vegetables can cure diarrhoea, gall attack, indigestion and restore liver function. Plants are also high in vitamin Cand vitamin A, which is useful to boost immunity. So it’s well-consumed anyone from an early age. Another research has done by the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, also found other benefits of tomatoes. They said that a yellow gel that covered the seeds of plants to prevent blood clots that cause heart disease and stroke.

In my country, there are two types of tomatoes. There are green tomato and red tomato. The red one contains vitamin C and vitamin A five times more than the green plants. Ripe tomatoes also enriched with vitamins. Children should be accustomed to eating red vegetables. It is essential for healthy eyes.

Destroy free radicals

I thought we all known that the best tomato types were the red tomato. In the red pigment, there’s another value. The red colour in tomatoes contains more lycopene, an antioxidant substance that can destroy free radicals in the body caused by pollution, smoking, and ultraviolet rays. Recently research shows that lycopene also useful in preventing cell damage that can trigger cervical cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer. We can only found this substance in tomato, but other fruits like red grapes, papaya and watermelon. Especially for adults, tomatoes should be eaten every morning as much as one or two pieces. Sour taste in the plant came from citric acid content. So it can increase appetite. The bitter taste of tomato is very well consumed by the women who have PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome).

The benefit of tomato like:

  • Useful to prevent and inhibit the growth of cancer cells, like prostate, cervix, breast and endometrium.

    Eliminate fatigue and increase appetite.

  • Reduce the risk of appendicitis.

  • Eliminate acne.

  • It is slowing the decline of eyes function because of the influence of age (age-related macular degeneration).

  • It helps reduce the risk of heart problems.

  • It helps maintain healthy liver, kidney, and prevent bowel problems.

  • Good in treating diarrhoea.

  • Increase the number of sperm.

What can we do with tomato?

Although feeling a little sour, but tomatoes also useful to increase our appetite. That’s why plant usually used for juice, soup, pasta, salad, sauce, baked parmesan tomatoes, etc.

Tomato juice

courtesy of
courtesy of

Pasta sauce

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courtesy of

Tomato sauce

courtesy of
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Tomato salad

Tomato soup

Baked Parmesan tomatoes

Tomatoes Festival (La Tomatina)

I’ll take you to tour a fantastic festival in the beautiful country. If you vegetarian and you liked fruits, I thought you would interest in this festival. You can also found this information from other hubbers. I thought this festival related to this topic. If we get bored with juice, pasta, sauce or other food by using tomato as the main ingredients, we can try to join in this festival. We can find a lot of tomatoes. Even a tomatoes flood, we can search this from Google pictures where many people soak their body in tomatoes pasta and fighting each other using plants as a weapon. It looks wild festival but entertaining indeed.


Tomato throwing Festival (La Tomatina) was first performed in 1945 and received world recognition in 1952. We can usually see this festival every year in August. After one hour finished the war, the city of Valencia looks like a blood flood. But this is not the real blood, but it came from tomatoes that thrown earlier. It seems wasting the money. But as we know, most famous festivals have a motto "money doesn't matter", because we talk about tradition. I thought the organizers had prepared this, like the cost, accommodation and the security during the festival.

courtesy of
courtesy of

For completeness of the festival, organizers had provided 150 thousand or even tons of tomatoes, performing arts (music, parades and dances), as well as fireworks, show a week before the event began. Meanwhile, on the night before the festival, the participants included women joining the paella cooking contest. I heard the cost of this festival up to £ 90.000. Once the tomato festival began, every man who was joining this festival must remove their shirts, and the women were allowed to wear little open clothes.

courtesy of
courtesy of

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