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Everything You Need To Know - Lettuce Nutrition Contents

Updated on April 18, 2012
Typical Nutritional Information - 80g Lettuce
Typical Nutritional Information - 80g Lettuce

This article will provide you with some valuable information you need to know about lettuce. Including it's health benefits, micro nutrient and macro nutrient content and some practical tips.

There are dozens of different varieties of lettuce available to consume both already grown and ready to eat or be prepared in a store or available as seeds ready for us to grow ourselfs. When making your choice as to which variety of lettuce to pick up it is always a better option to pick the mild green to deep green or with red tinges as these contain more carotenes and vitamin C that the paler varieties. An example of this is Cos lettuce, this variety contains fives times as much vitamin C and more beta-carotene that it's iceberg counterpart.

The more colourfull heads of lettuce will contain a decent amount of folate, potassium and iron. Lettuce is also high in fibre so is great to eat if you are needing some extra fibre in your diet. Lettuce also has a very low energy value for a good amount of food as I'm sure is common knowedge, 80g of lettuce contains only 14 calories!

Benefits of Lettuce -

  • Highly nutritious food with low calories ideal for adding to a dish and for people who would like a great snack without feeling guilty afterwards.
  • High in vitamin C and carotenes which are great antioxidants and disease preventer's.
  • High in folate which is essential for heart and arterial health
  • Contains a good amount of fibre.
  • Lettuce is also considered a mild sedative too.
  • It looks nice on the plate!

Practical Tips -

Using a clean tea towel or salad spinner wash the lettuce leaves to remove and soil, pesticides and bacteria that could potentially still be on the leaves. If a whole lettuce is too much for your recipe, then pick the leave from the outside of the lettuce as opposed to cutting the lettuce in half to prevent the cut side from turning brown. Eating lettuce with oil can increase the absorption of carotenes, add the oil/dressing just before you serve the salad to prevents the leaves from deteriorating.

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      Salad is one of the main dishes I serve. Great information about lettuce.