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Evian Spelled Backward is Naïve!

Updated on May 13, 2015

99% Pure Water Every Time! Guaranteed!

The Brita Pitcher removes chlorine, lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, and benzine from your drinking water.

Your Tap Water is Safe! Brita Makes It Safer!

Descendo! Eduardo Cunha:
Descendo! Eduardo Cunha:

Brita is a single, simple, affordable step that greatly reduces your ecological footprint!

Bottled drinking water is completely unnecessary. The reason bottled water exists is so that big companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, and others can make even more money off the public than they already are. In the process, they waste energy and resources, pollute the environment in both the production of and the eventual disposal of plastic bottles, and pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

The notion that we must buy bottled water to get pure drinking water is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the public. First off, pure water is a human right, not a privilege. As such, our water supply is monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency and held to some pretty high standards. Yes, chemicals are used to kill dangerous germs and bacteria in the water supply, and there may be some metals present that you would prefer not to have. But all-in-all, our drinking water from taps is usable. There are no regulations on the purity of bottled water. It is often nothing more than tap water put into a bottle. A lot of times it is not anywhere near as safe and pure as tap water.

It is true that the chemicals in tap water can be harmful in the long run. For this reason, it is a good idea to treat tap water to remove the chemicals. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is with a simple, affordable filtration pitcher like Brita or Pur.

Over 10 years ago, I did in-store demonstrations for the Brita water pitcher, and I have been selling it ever since - not for money! I just promote it anytime I have the chance because I have been using the Brita pitcher that the Brita Company gave me for the demonstrations continuously for these 10+ years, and I am extremely happy with it.

A dozen advantages of using the Brita pitcher:

  1. Initial cost is very affordable - between $10 and $20
  2. The filter removes 99% of chemicals and metals from the water every single time you use it guaranteed.
  3. Filters can last for up to 3 months and are inexpensive to replace.
  4. You do not have to haul heavy bottles of water around.
  5. You do not have to store heavy bottles of water.
  6. You do not have to dispose of plastic bottles.
  7. You conserve the energy that is used in the production of throwaway plastic bottles.
  8. You save space in the landfill.
  9. You vote with your wallet by not supporting mega-corporations that are fleecing you by selling you something you just don't need and all the while attempting to gain control of world water supplies.
  10. You save a ton of money! Bottled water costs as much as or more than gasoline. Brita water costs about fifty cents a gallon, all-told.
  11. Brita water tastes excellent and improves the flavor of coffee, tea, frozen juices, and anything you cook with it.
  12. You set an example of mindfulness, resourcefulness and independence for those around you.

In my opinion, using the Brita pitcher and your own reusable water bottle is the single most effective simple change you can make to your every day life to reduce your ecological footprint. In all fairness, I think the Pur pitcher is just about the same, but I love Brita, and I will stick with it!

Copyright: SuzanneBennett; November 14, 2008

Coolers in many sizes and prices...

Taking Pure Drinking Water Along

Boycotting bottled water is the single most powerful choice an individual can make for the planet and for our independence from corporate domination. The water that comes from water fountains is drinkable. It's better to filter it, but if you can't, it certainly will not kill you to quench your thirst with it when you are out. Support your public utilities. You are already paying for them.

Carrying plastic or aluminum containers in your car is a good way to create your own contaminated water. Hot plastic leaches carcinogens and hot aluminum leaches aluminum (a possible cause of Alzheimer's Disease).

Fill a reusable stainless steel container with fresh water (and ice) for every person each and every time you leave the house. Take a cooler with you. It's a bit of trouble, but it is INCREDIBLY beneficial to you, the environment, and society.

By taking this little bit of effort to make a big difference, you are teaching your children and those around you, by example, that respect for the planet, ourselves and others is simply a matter of course in a mindful life.

(Added 5/10/11 SB)

Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck implies that the world's water will soon come under the control of corporations like his.


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  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

    You are welcome. Glad to help the cause! :)

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 4 years ago from Texas

    Yes, indeed! Saving our water and keeping it in the control of local governments rather than corporations is the most important cause I support. Many thanks for helping out! :)

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Hi Suzanne,

    Going to give this a tweet to hopefully encourage more people to stop purchasing those individual plastic bottles of water. There are better options and more earth friendly as well as economical.

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 4 years ago from Texas

    That's wonderful! You are making a real difference to the environment, the right of human beings to clean drinking water and your own health! :) Thanks for pinning!

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Done. I now have my refillable stainless steel water container and am enjoying it immensely. Because it is insulated it also keeps the water cool for long periods of time. Pinning this.

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 4 years ago from Texas

    Thanks! I know that the bottled water industry is really wreaking havoc with water sources in India and other countries in your part of the world. Do people there drink bottled water?

  • Indian Chef profile image

    Indian Chef 4 years ago from New Delhi India

    Very interesting hub. Voted up and awesome

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 4 years ago from Texas

    Thanks, Flourish! Yes, I absolutely shun bottled water. I am really trying to eliminate plastic containers from my life. Of course, in today's world that is fairly impossible, but I do the best I can! :D

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 4 years ago from Texas

    Amazon is just a click away! ;D

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

    I need to purchase a refillabe stainless steel container! Will put it on my shopping list.

  • FlourishAnyway profile image

    FlourishAnyway 4 years ago from USA

    Wonderful reasons to give up bottled water. I am not a fan of it and don't even take it when it's free (e.g., from hotels). Such a shameful waste with all the plastic. I have never heard of the Evian backwards thing but really chuckled at it!

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 4 years ago from Texas

    Thanks! I commend you and further recommend you completely SHUN bottled water. Set an example for others by using a refillable, stainless steel water container always. Tell you HEB you would like to participate in their promotion, but you protest the use of bottled water and they need to offer a more responsible reward. :D

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Hear! Hear! I totally agree with everything you just said about cutting back and better yet, eliminating the use of disposable water bottles. The only time we get some in the house is when we get them for free. One of our grocery stores (HEB) has meal deals. You purchase one item and get others for free. Occasionally for convenience purposes I carry one like when we go to the gym. But then I bring it back home and refill it from our Brita filtered water. I taught a friend of mine about using the Brita filters and she now uses them and purchased some for her sons to also use in their apt. Up and useful votes and sharing.

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 6 years ago from Texas

    Many thanks! :)

  • profile image

    Fiddleman 6 years ago

    I man not a huge fan of bottled water and I enjoyed reading your hub. Good write.

  • emohealer profile image

    Sioux Ramos 8 years ago from South Carolina

    Nice! Love the backward spelling presentation, I love taking a deeper look at words at their meanings adn pseudo meanings. Awesome1

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 8 years ago from Texas

    Yes, many of them are just that. There are no regulartions on bottled water. It could be anything, and it usually doesn't test out as safely as your own municipal tap water. Thanks for commenting! :)

  • FitnessProDee profile image

    Dana Gore 8 years ago

    You are so right. I LOVE my brita pitcher. Been using it for years and I never buy water.

    Besides, it's been claimed that these bottled waters being sold are nothing more than tap in a bottle.

  • justmesuzanne profile image

    justmesuzanne 9 years ago from Texas

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, I am speaking of America. The Brita Pitcher does not remove harmful bacteria. For that it is necessary to boil water. Once it is boiled, it can be beneficial to put it through the Brita Pitcher to further remove impurities and improve the taste. It is also helpful to pour it from one container to another from a height of about 3 feet to aerate the water so it doesn't taste so flat after boiling.

    :) Suzanne

  • sixtyorso profile image

    Clive Fagan 9 years ago from South Africa

    In SA we have reputedly (so far) the best drinking water in the world available from our taps, yet we consume tons of bottled water. I agree with Paraglider, there are many countries in Africa and the rest of the world where it is just not safe to drink the water

  • Paraglider profile image

    Dave McClure 9 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

    I wouldn't touch bottled water in UK as there's just no need, but there are still many countries where the tap water is not safe to drink and boiling it is the only safe alternative to bottled water.

  • RGraf profile image

    Rebecca Graf 9 years ago from Wisconsin

    Very good hub! We are looking to improve our drinking water which is full of iron.

  • ProfoundPuns profile image

    ProfoundPuns 9 years ago from Maryland, USA

    I agree with Lisa, this is not only informative but persuasive, too.

  • Lisa HW profile image

    Lisa HW 9 years ago from Massachusetts

    Informative hub. (Maybe I'm "naive", but I've never heard of, or been aware of, that backward spelling thing with "Evian".