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Examining Diet Basics

Updated on October 13, 2016

Looking great at 80!

Regular exercise, hydration, nutrition, sleep, and reducing stress to a minimum does it all.  No tricks are needed.
Regular exercise, hydration, nutrition, sleep, and reducing stress to a minimum does it all. No tricks are needed. | Source

Before you choose an effective diet let's review some basics that can get you off to a great start.

It is my own belief that sugars and “liquid candy ”(a good name for sweet drinks like the sodas and other sweetened beverages) all too often meet the body’s immediate caloric needs, but our bodies also need the nutrients which are not provided by sugars and such “liquid candy”.

The body, therefore, still craves nutritious foods. With the nutritious foods, in addition to the nutrition, also come more calories. But the caloric needs of the body already having been satisfied by the “liquid candy” and any other “empty calories”, the new calories in the nutritious foods are stored for some later time when they may be needed. Our weight gain (not from the calories in the nutritious foods per se) occurs because the body was given a double dose of calories while satisfying its needs for good nutrition!

We don’t just cast off the extra calories, because we’re descendants of hunter-gatherers whose times of plenty insured against times of scarcity. Their genetically-preferable bodies (which we have inherited) stored up surplus calories in fat cells against later needs.

THUS: for most American dieters (living in the nation which exceeds all others in per capita sugar consumption) the diet itself triggers a genetic response which reduces metabolism to conserve energy during scarcity (the diet) and, as soon as possible, begins once again the storing of any surplus calories against future needs (the “yo-yo” effect.)

I suspect the body does this in much the same way that our bodies can store up to two years’ worth of vitamin D against their needs in the cloudy, cold winter days of limited, low-angle sunshine, when the body must rely on what it stored in the sunny days of summer.

Consuming ephedra/ma huang (only after medical advice) , can heighten our body’s metabolic rate, trigger a greater caloric usage by the body, and (given better care to reduce caloric intake and heighten caloric usage, e.g. by cooling and exercise), we can begin to burn more of the stored calories. Properly sustained, this leads to weight loss. To facilitate this process we must also drink a sufficient quantity of water to help our bodies flush out the toxins and wastes. (Best figures: 64 ounces of pure water daily, plus an extra eight ounces for each 25 pounds a person is overweight.)

The other ingredient to dieting success? Thirty minutes each day of the right exercises.

Now: “What is the right exercise?”

In discussing America’s health it is common to emphasize that Americans don’t exercise enough. I have long maintained that too few Americans exercise in any way that exercise is commonly defined. And most Americans who do exercise don’t do the right exercise.

Our bodies are miraculously designed. They are the products of thousands, if not millions, of years of genetic refining. As a result, our bodies typically have the ability to cleanse themselves. That cleansing requires the purest water we can find, and in the amounts already discussed. Cleansing also requires the movement derived from exercise. I doubt, however, that our bodies have resulted only from the few exercises which can be done while sitting or lying down!

A form of ancient yoga, known as “Walking Meditation”, is made up of a series of 90-degree exercises which are done in a standing position requiring no more space than the diameter of your outstretched arms. It is said that these exercises cleanse the toxins from the body, and, when combined with proper cooking techniques, work in restoring balance to the body.

The lymphatic system is a major component of our body’s cleansing system. In my opinion the lymphatic system relies primarily on water and the needed exercise.

Her combination of all these factors may explain why my wife, a master of this form of yoga, has never been sick (that’s right, not a headache, cough, cold, flu, or other illness) in the 48 years we have known each other! If you are serious about your health, consider these observations, and then apply them in your own life, by (1) reducing sugar intake, (2) drinking the needed amount of water each day, and (3) adopting a 90-degree exercise system and nutritious diet to permit your success.


© 2001, 2016 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.

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