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The Placebo Effect

Updated on September 16, 2011


Placebos are mostly used in experiments. The purpose of the placebo is to do nothing. By itself the placebo should not have any effect on the person taking it. They are designed to trick people into thinking they are taking the product being tested. A common example would be substituting a pill containing medicine with a sugar pill. The person taking it does not know it is a placebo. If they knew what it was it would not do anything.

People that are given the placebos often experience some of the benefits of the real thing. To check the effectiveness of the product they need to compare how effective the it was compared to the group that thought they took the medicine. When hair growth products are tested most of the people that received the placebo experience significant hair growth.

Some of the medicine you buy at the store may not work much better than a placebo. If you do a search for a product you can often find how well the product did compared to the placebo group. Sometime companies spend a lot of time and effort making a product only to find that the placebos work just as well as their product.

The placebo effect is important because a lot of medicine would not work as well without it. Some medicines would not work at all. To be more effective medicine should be marketed in a way to make people believe it works. Pills often work better if they are in fancy packaging.

It is hard to use the placebo effect on yourself. To work you need to think it is the real thing. However products will work better if you keep an open mind and concentrate on the positive. So the next time you take medicine, or buy a hair growth product remember that your thoughts are a major factor in its effectiveness.

The placebo effect can occur with anything you put in or on your body. Thinking you just consumed some caffeine can give you a temporary boost but it probably will not last as long as actually consuming caffeine. Non alcoholic drinks can make you experience some of the same symptoms of alcohol. If you are worried the food you ate might have gone bad you will probably feel sick to your stomach even if the food was fine.

The Mind Body Conection

Most people do not realize how powerful their thoughts are. The placebo effect clearly shows how easy it is for the mind to effect the body. There is no denying it because their are countless experiments that prove its existence. The placebo effect is very real and it is all about belief. However you do not need to know about or believe in the placebo effect for it to influence you.

Be mindful of your thoughts and you will have more control over your body.


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