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Buying The Best Exercise DVDs For Kids Online

Updated on January 7, 2010
Hip Hop exercise DVD for kids
Hip Hop exercise DVD for kids

An exercise regime is important for children as well as adults and now you can buy exercise DVDs for children that are not only fun but will also ensure that they get moving and burn lots of calories.  Here are some great exercise DVDs for children that you can buy online from Amazon today.

It's Hip Hop Baby! Get Healthy, Get Fit

This exercise DVD is an excellent example of how you can mix together different elements in a fun and educational way.  The music of hip hop is a very popular music genre and the beats are very easy for children of all ages and abilities to follow along with.

This DVD has been endorsed and recommended by a leading paediatrician so you know that your children are in good hands when they watch and dance along with the routines that have been created.  The paediatrician is called Dr Lisa Thornton and she is a well known television personality. 

A fun puppet will also get involved in the exercises and your child will not only get to dance along to the fun and easy to learn routines, they will also get to learn to sing the songs as well.

This exercise DVD is recommended for children between the ages of 2 – 6 years.

Exercise DVD for children
Exercise DVD for children

Get Fit Kids Vol. 1 - Hustle-Bustle Move Your Muscles!

This is another fabulous DVD exercise video that is specifically aimed at young children.  If you are looking for a way that your child can get extra exercise into their daily routine, then you could set up your den as a little mini gym for this weekly exercise schedule.

This DVD is taught by a highly qualified fitness instructor and you will love the fun and wonderfully animated computer generated work out teddy bear that assists her.

There are different levels which teach children about the different things that they need to know about keeping fit.  Firstly you get a lovely warm up exercise to start with.  This will then lead to fun exercises and sing along songs to learn which muscles are being used and how to use them properly.

Denise Austin's Fit Kids exercise DVD
Denise Austin's Fit Kids exercise DVD

Denise Austin's Fit Kids

This is another extensive exercise tape for children to keep fit with.  The fitness expert is Denise Austin and she is joined by a group of really enthusiastic kids who all help to show the different types of aerobic exercises involved.

The routine starts with a short warm up of stretches and lunges.  This is followed by a mixture of cardio-funk, kick boxing and some traditional aerobics.  There is also a segment that shows you how to do push ups and sit ups correctly.  Finally there is a section that shows some easy yoga moves. 

This video is aimed at children of 8 years and older but can be shared with the whole family for a fun afternoon.  There is actually a bonus section that is aimed specifically at the complete family.

This is a great way to introduce the importance of keeping fit and getting the body moving on a regular basis for young people.  The earlier that children understand the importance of keeping fit, the better their health will be in the future.

Exercise DVDs for Kids


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