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Exercise Equipment: Best Treadmills for Home Fitness

Updated on January 10, 2013
The best treadmills are the treadmills that get used.
The best treadmills are the treadmills that get used. | Source

Home Fitness Equipment: How to Get the Best Deal

SO you have looked at the high price of gym memberships and decided to start getting yourself in shape by working out at home - that's a big commitment, a great decision.

Now you need to find the actual home fitness equipment that works best for you and you want the absolute best price for that equipment. A treadmill is one of the most basic components of all home fitness equipment.

To find a good deal on a quality treadmill, start by looking at websites like or These websites have a large selection of both new and refurbished home fitness equipment and workout machines. Ebay is another good source for finding quality fitness equipment for a good price.

If you want the best treadmill for a great price, then you should know a few things about selecting the right one before making your final purchase.


Choosing the Best Treadmill

When making your final selection from a number of treadmills for home, you need to consider several factors.

Buying a treadmill is likely going to be a major purchase so doing a bit of research and checking out the details can save you quite a bit of money. A brand new, good-quality treadmill is likely going to cost around $1,000 (USD) or more depending upon options, features and functions.

Treadmills are among the most popular of all home fitness equipment.
Treadmills are among the most popular of all home fitness equipment. | Source

You need to consider the power of the motor, the quality and construction of the belt, available preset functions and other factors as well.

You can get just about any options or function built into a treadmill. Did you know there are treadmills with television built right in?

Here are a few of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best treadmills...


Treadmill Motors: Size Does Matter

The motor is the heart of this basic piece of home gym equipment and it's vital that this motor be large and powerful enough to handle the longest and most rigorous treadmill workouts. As a general rule, if the running surface is large then a bigger, more powerful motor is required to make sure it operates smoothly.

Treadmill motor size is important when considering the size, weight , frequency and duration of exercise.
Treadmill motor size is important when considering the size, weight , frequency and duration of exercise. | Source

When considering motor size and power, you should also consider the overall workload for a particular treadmill. For example, if the user of the treadmill weighs more than 185-190 lbs, then a motor of at least 1.5 horsepower is recommended.

Those users who weigh less may also consider a motor with slightly less horsepower. A larger motor is better in any case as more power means less overall load placed on the motor.

Be sure to consider the manufacturer's warranty on the motor as well. A lifetime warranty may cost more initially, but may save you the cost of replacement in the future. Also, a lifetime warranty is a good indication that a manufacturer is providing a good quality motor.

TIP: Stay away from treadmill motors that do not have a lifetime warranty.


Treadmill platform length and width are also important considerations.
Treadmill platform length and width are also important considerations. | Source

Treadmill Treadbelt: What to Look For

The actual running surface area on your treadmill should be at least 48-inches in length and no less than 17 to 18-inches wide. A larger running surface will cost a bit more, but will also cut the risk of accidental injury by quite a bit.

Runners need a longer treadbelt while those who use the treadmill for walking may find a slightly shorter treadbelt works just as well.

Look for a walking/running deck surface material that is about 3/4 of an inch thick. This type of padded surface is going to provide some protection from slips or falls and will also feel much more comfortable to the user.

A thicker surface also reduces additional stress on the feet, shins and legs, hips and back. If you plan to spend a lot of time on your treadmill, this additional padding will be appreciated - your feet will thank you.



What You Should Pay for a Good Treadmill

This is always a tough consideration for most folks. If you're on a budget, you're going to want to do some research and purchase the best treadmill for the money, of course.

Do not let price be your only deciding factor. Consider the type of fitness routine and what treadmill is going to work best with that routine.

For example, one type of treadmill may be great for walkers but not good at all for runners.

A good quality treadmill is going to be expensive but there are ways to get that good quality treadmill for less money.

Look for retail stores that have treadmill sales, consider purchasing a floor model at a discount or look into dealers who specialize in refurbished exercise equipment.

You may also ask about models from the previous year that may sell for a bit less. Take a look at some outlet stores as well. Taking the extra time to shop around may save you hundreds of dollars.


New or Used Treadmill?

I don't know about you but I love getting new things that are fresh out of the crate - the latest and greatest. I do not, however, like paying the price for such items. Sometimes it just makes sense to look at previously owned merchandise. If you're really lucky, it will still be in the crate!

Finding the best treadmill for a price that fits your budget may mean looking for a used, quality treadmill. There are many people who order expensive, top-of-the-line treadmills and end up hanging clothes on them. In this case, "used" is hardly used. It's like getting a new machine for a cut-rate price.


Quality treadmills often cost more but will also last much longer and have better added functions and options.
Quality treadmills often cost more but will also last much longer and have better added functions and options. | Source

Best Treadmill for Home: Other Considerations

Some other things to consider in a quality treadmill are preset functions.

Some of the higher end treadmills have a wide array of heart monitors, automatically adjusting inclines, workout routines and other fancy features and functions.

Look for the best treadmill that fits your workout and fitness needs best.

Some treadmills can be folded and stored easily, some are designed to work best in the home, others in a gym or fitness environment.

Check out some of the review sites for treadmills by simply entering "treadmill reviews" into your Internet search engine.

You can also check out what Consumer Reports ha to say about the various treadmill brands and rate the best home treadmills.

Finally, ask those folks who already own a treadmill to find out what they like - or don't like - about their treadmill.


What are the most helpful functions or features on a typical treadmill?

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