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Living Longer and Healthier! Reverse the Aging Process! The Secret to Eternal Youth!

Updated on January 2, 2020
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C. E. Clark believes it is her duty and responsibility as a researcher and writer to bring important information to her readers.

The Fountain of Youth Discovered!

Leading edge researcher at Stanford University, Dr. James Fries says that if a person could choose only one thing to improve their health as they get older, it would have to be exercise. Exercise, according to Dr. Fries, is the closest thing to the fountain of youth that exists in our world right now, (AARP).

Dozens of studies have shown over and over again, that people who exercise regularly, live longer on average, than people who do not. People who exercise regularly lower their chance of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and even mental decline and depression.

Harvard Medical School’s Health Publications reports that on average, a man’s heart rate declines and his heart’s ability to pump blood drifts down by 5-10% every decade starting in his thirties.

By the time a man is 80 years old, even if his heart is healthy and disease free, his ability to pump blood will have diminished from 2½ quarts per minute when he was 25, to around 1 quart a minute at age 80. It will diminish even more if he is not healthy and disease free.

Studies show that many of the changes that occur as a result of the aging process are in fact caused by lack of use. Nothing shortens a person’s life more quickly and more profoundly than a sedentary lifestyle.

The Harvard Medical School report refers to exercise as “a good long drink of vitality,” especially when it is included in a comprehensive health program.

Live Longer and Improve Your Quality of Life

The Eternal Youth Statue, Manitoba Legislative Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The Eternal Youth Statue, Manitoba Legislative Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Source
Exercise reverses the signs of aging.
Exercise reverses the signs of aging.
Ankh, the symbol of life.  Live longer and have a better quality of life.
Ankh, the symbol of life. Live longer and have a better quality of life. | Source

Dramatic Research Results

A 1966 study conducted at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School that included 5 healthy young men in their 20’s showed incredible results.

After just 3 weeks in bed doing all but nothing except watching television and reading, the men were tested before and after an exercise regimen. Researchers found “devastating changes” in the men’s test results.

The men’s resting heart rates were faster, and systolic blood pressures were higher. The men also showed a drop in their capacity to pump blood, a drop in muscle strength, and a rise in body fat. In short, the results of the study were dramatic, because in just 3 weeks, 5 young men in their 20s developed physiological characteristics of men twice their age!

The next part of the study required that the men participate in an 8-week exercise program. After the 8 weeks were up, the men were again tested, and again there were dramatic results. The exercise had more than reversed the prior deterioration from 3 weeks of bed rest, and some of the test results were even better than when the men had initially checked in to participate in the study.

Get Active and Stay Active

The moral of the story -- or research in this case -- is that people who stay active retain their youth and health better and longer than people who are sedentary. People who exercise regularly can even reverse health deterioration in some cases.

The findings of this research that has been repeated many times, is the reason why doctors encourage people to get back to physical activity as soon as possible after surgery or illness. People who get up and move around and stay physical increase their chances of a better quality of life as well as a longer life.


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