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Exercises To Do When You Feel Too Tired To Exercise

Updated on April 3, 2013

I'm Too Tired

It is one of if not the most common excuses people tell themselves when avoiding exercise. You want to get in shape but when it comes time to exercise you choose to sit around and watch TV instead. It happens to a lot of people including me. Sure you may feel too tired to exercise but that does not make it a good reason. I am referring to it as an excuse because you can exercise when you are tired and you probably will not feel more energetic tomorrow.

The excuse is used less once the person starts to exercise. That is because they realize that exercise provides them with more energy. A lack of exercise can cause you to feel tired more often. That is why it is a good idea to just do it. If you want to exercise then exercise. Before long you will feel like exercising more often. I exercise almost every day. The difference between me and people that are too tired to exercise is that I stopped putting it off and started exercising.

Yoga | Source

Exercises To Get You Started

Slow moving exercises like yoga, tai chi and qigong require very little energy to perform and are energizing. Meaning I can practice qigong for 20 minutes and instead of feeling worn out I feel refreshed. However you need a teacher. I follow along to some DVDs for the tai chi and qigong. For the yoga I use Wii Fit. When an exercise requires very little energy and leaves you with more energy there is no reason to wait.

Women walking on the beach.
Women walking on the beach. | Source

Walking does not require a lot of energy or will power and you can do it right away. So it is a good exercise to start with. You can just put on your shoes and go for a walk outside or walk around in your house. The best thing about walking outside is that you can't just stop. You need to finish the walk to get back home. Biking outside is another good exercise. Start by biking short distances and build up your endurance. It takes a lot less will power to bike outside.

Mental Exercise

When you meditate your body basically just sits in a relaxed position. Sitting still is easy to do. So being tired or feeling unmotivated should not stop you. One of the main benefits of meditation is that it provides you with more energy. You may not feel it right away but if you practice meditation regularly you will feel different. It can reduce the amount of sleep you need and provide you with more energy throughout the day. As a result of meditating regularly you will probably feel more like exercising.

To make meditation easy you can listen to meditation music. I downloaded a guided meditation session. Now I just need to put on a pair of headphones and follow along to the session. With meditation you guide yourself into a deep state of relaxation or listen to a guide and follow their instructions. The more you practice the easier it is to become deeply relaxed. While it does not replace physical exercise it can significantly reduce the chance of you telling yourself that you are too tired. If you fall asleep you are not meditating. So try not to lean against anything.


You can also visualize yourself doing physical exercise. For example you could picture yourself doing push-ups. This can increase the chances of physically doing the exercise because you are thinking about it. It can help you get into the habit of exercising. Visualizing can even make you better at the exercise. If you can't physically do the exercise or do not feel like exercising you should still be able to visualize.

When You Should Skip The Exercise

Exercise does not always mean working out. I don't usually exercise after cutting the lawn because pushing the lawn mower around for 3 hours is exercise. If you get lots of exercise doing normal activities at work or at home you can skip your scheduled workout.

Your body needs time to recover. So if your muscles are sore from the previous day you should take more time off or exercise different muscles. When starting a new routine I often need to take days off. I may start by exercising only twice a week. It is not because I am making excuses but because I want my body to recover. In many cases taking a day off can improve my exercise performance and reduce the chance of injuries.

I always take one or two days off and take more time off if I feel my body needs it. If I wanted to run 12.5 miles then running 7 days a week would make it harder to reach my goal. I could reach the goal faster running 2 or 3 days a week and increasing it to 5 days a week when my body could handle it. I run on an elliptical trainer to reduce the impact and for a while I increased the distance every time I ran until I was running 12.5 miles. If I ran outside I probably could not run 5 days a week because it would be harder on my body.


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    • albohm27 profile image


      8 years ago from Bandar Seri Begawan

      Thank you for this hub. I like the way you have given a balance of activities for the mind and the body.

    • Kimberly Turner profile image

      Kimberly Quevedo 

      9 years ago from New Jersey

      I like your hub! Sometimes it is really hard to motivate yourself when you are tired and I'm glad you wrote about ways that are not too demanding where you can still work out. Sometimes if I am extremely tired, what I will do is take a nap (if I have time) and then work out.

      Or I will do what you suggested, small short exercises like a walk or a 20 minute exercise like Zumba. I find that on those days that I am tired after I exercise I do indeed have more energy!

      Thank you for the hub!


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