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Exercises for Biceps and Triceps with Diet Plan

Updated on April 21, 2011

If you are looking out to build massive biceps and toned triceps out of scratch, then you need to be aware that both will take at least eight months of your time. I advise taking up your biceps first followed by triceps. So below are a few workouts for biceps and triceps followed by diet plan for building arm muscles, but remember to consult with a good trainer who will help you achieve massive biceps and triceps:

Biceps Exercises:

  1. The primary exercise for biceps mass and shape for both beginners and advanced is the ordinary barbell curls. You load up weight on the bar and keeping your back straight, you curl the bar to your chest and after you do so, you lower it slowly.
  2. According to my experience, I have found the hammer curls are the fastest way to build biceps mass. So I would recommend doing 5 sets of hammers (in seated position-this makes it harder). Do it with a moderately heavy weight so that you are able to do only 6 to 10 reps for each set.
  3. Seated oblique dumbbell curls: You lean back in a chair/adjustable bench such you’re your abdomen makes a 120-degree angle with the front of your thighs. Take two dumbbells in both hands and curl them up together. Do four sets of these, each of eight reps minimum.
  4. Drop concentration and preacher curls. You are not going to develop fast mass if you do them. They are recommended if you want to peak your biceps. So don’t do them until your arms are at least 15” big.


Triceps Exercises:

  1. Barbell Extensions: Just like the barbell curls for biceps, this is the primary one for triceps. After finishing your max amount of reps, do partial repetitions where you only let the weight go down a little bit and not all the way, then bring it back to the top for a contraction. Four sets of 10 each and make sure you go to failure, i.e., you must be exhausted at the end of 10 reps and use a higher weight if not so.
  2. Cable extension pulls: Stand erect and bring down the cable with your arms till your elbows are straight. Then release slowly till your forearms make an angle of 90 degree with your upper arms. Repeat. Do in same pattern as above
  3. Parallel bar dips: Do three sets of the maximum amount of repetitions you can manage. After you reach an exhaustion point, use the partial repetition technique of going down only for a little distance. I warn you this routine is a bit exhausting so keep it separate and don’t combine it with any other muscle. Warm up your triceps well by doing 3 sets of pushups with your arms kept close to each other before starting.

Diet Plan For Biceps And Triceps:

Eat more rice or chapatti or bread or whatever source of carbohydrates you lay your hands on unless you have a tummy and are planning for weight loss. Also, eat high protein and if you are a vegetarian, you can try all kinds of beans and pulses to give you the protein you need. And if you are a non-vegetarian, you can take the fish liver oil capsule called Seven Seas which they sell in shops. This oil which is found in all fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that helps to bring more protein to the muscle and is being used in many bodybuilding supplements today. It is just a capsule so you would not feel the taste of fish as long as you gulp down it with some sweet lime juice. Regarding eggs for protein, take at least 6 a day both white and yellow, but check with your doctor before you do so. If you want to be on the safe side, just take the egg white alone. Take two eggs per meal and that will balance the whole affair.

Regarding diet, one more thing I would like to add and it is that Seven Seas capsules are not full of protein and they are full of omega-3 fatty acids which help in synthesis of protein in the body. Most bodybuilders eat omega-3 supplements. Just google for omega 3 bodybuilding and you will have an idea of what I am saying here. Least but not last, above were a few biceps and triceps exercises with diet plan. I have shared lots of info on building other parts of body in my blogs and hubs. So keep reading and stay healthy.


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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Best of luck Kevin. I am glad you liked this exercise and diet plan.

    • profile image

      kevin 5 years ago

      i will start following advice. am a begginner thank u!

    • profile image

      Abhiram 5 years ago

      Thanks i think that is very affective