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Exercises to Strengthen Your Abs and get a Six Pack Look

Updated on December 27, 2014
Women in Gym
Women in Gym

Everyone knows health is wealth. Fit lower abs is what everyone is looking for at these days!! The problem is, very few gym goers know how to really focus on this area. In reality, the abdominal generally work as a whole unit together. So, if you are successfully hitting the upper abs, you are in effect hitting the lower abs as well. However, by changing the angles of the exercises, we can effectively increase the stress on different areas of the abs.

The most important element here is to KNOW THE WAY any abs exercise should be done. Most people do 50 to 100 crunches successfully with a very limited range of motion. This does nothing to improve the abdominal strength or the six-pack look. The key is, controlled movement using full range of motion.

Basically, most of the abs exercises are some form of a ‘crunch’. This involves keeping the feet or lower body stationary and then crunching the upper body towards the legs or feet. Crunches can be done on the floor with the feet flat, or with the legs extended straight up, or on a bench or with a Swiss ball.

The way to focus on the lower abs is to simply reverse the crunch. Instead of keeping the lower body stationary and crunch the upper body, keep the upper body stationary and crunch the lower body.

Hanging Knee Raises
Hanging Knee Raises

Hanging Knee Raises

  • Grab hold of a pull-up bar with your hands facing away from you and stretched out wide as if you were going to perform a pull up.
  • Bend your knees forming an ‘L’ shape with your legs (if your fitness is more advanced you can keep your legs straight)
  • Then crunch, bringing your knees as high as you can towards your shoulders, rolling your spine in the process.
  • Then reverse the motion back to starting position, maintaining control of this movement throughout.
  • Do not let your legs fall back down.

Reverse Bench Crunch
Reverse Bench Crunch

Reverse Bench Crunch

  • Lie on bench as if you are about to perform a bench press.
  • Place your hands behind your head and grab the bench somewhere behind your head that will help keep your balance.
  • Be sure and place yourself in a position where your glutes are fully off the bench: make sure you can simply roll on your back.
  • With your legs kept bent, bring your knee up to the chest. Then bring them back to starting position. This is one rep.
  • Be sure to keep most of your weight on your shoulders throughout the move; that will ensure the abs is being intensely worked.

Bicycles Exercise
Bicycles Exercise


  • Lie on the floor face up.
  • Touch right above your ears with your hands, pointing your elbows out at 45 degrees (stay in this position throughout)
  • Then raise your feet 6 – 8 inches from the floor, keeping your feet together.
  • Pull one knee as far and towards the opposite arm as possible, twisting the upper body s o that the elbow touches the opposite knee.
  • Then reverse the move and push your heel as far back out as possible. All this should be done in a very controlled motion. This one rep.
  • Keep the feet elevated throughout the set.
  • Do equal reps for both sides.

Work these exercises into your routine with some good standard crunches and your total abdominal strength and definition will improve immensely. Don’t forget to focus on your diet and cardio to reveal the six packs!!!


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