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Lose Fat Weight Playing Motion Video Games Like Wii Sports

Updated on March 5, 2013

Motion Video Games

In recent years with the introduction of the Wii people started spending more time moving their bodies and less time pressing buttons over and over again. The controls are more natural and less confusing. Instead of playing tennis by pressing buttons you can swing and move your body like you were playing tennis. When you play golf you swing like you were swinging a golf club. So it is a lot easier to figure out how to play the games.

It is hard to play motions games for extended periods of time because they can tire you out and the exercise can make you sore. With games that focus on button pressing some people play them for over 5 hours at a time. There are a lot of games for the Wii and the other motion games systems that do not make good use of the motion controls and some people still prefer playing golf and tennis by pressing buttons. I prefer the games that make good use of motion control instead of relying on button pressing.

There are currently 3 motion controlled game systems. They are the Wii, PlayStation Move and Kinect. The Wii and Playstation Move both have small controllers that you hold while the Kinect tracks of your body movements. Motion games work best when you do not try to cheat. They are usually more enjoyable and better for your health if you move around as much as possible and move like you are supposed to.

Real Life

The motion video games do not always prepare you for the real thing. With the sports and the action games they tend to make things easier than real life. You do not need as much skill, strength or speed to look like a pro. At least that is the way it was for the games I played. Some of the games do have one-to-one movements but the results of those movements are not exactly what would happen in real life.

I have done lots of amazing things playing motion sports games that I have never done in real life. So there is a bit of fantasy mixed in. There are also limitations because you are not actually interacting with physical objects. It is like you are shadow boxing and fantasizing that you are better than you actually are. I also think it would be hard to accurately measure power using just your movements.

For the workouts it is real life. You are actually doing the exercises. The advantage of doing it with the game system is that you are not doing it alone. For example when I use Wii Fit it has some exercises I would not have thought of and it gives me some feedback. If I do not know how to do something it can show me how to do it.


When you move around you burn more calories than when you are sitting still. So any game that gets you moving around and using energy is going to help you burn calories. Throwing an imaginary ball or punching burns a lot more calories than pressing a button. Pressing buttons does not get your heart beating faster or cause you to sweat. To get the most of the games put some effort into them.

Most of the games do not burn calories at a fast rate but you can make up for that by increasing the duration and frequency. You can usually tell if you are burning a lot of calories or not. The more energy you use the more calories you burn. One of the best things about the games is that you can use them when it is too dark, cold or wet to exercise outside. If you are more concerned with getting in shape than having fun you could workout using an exercise game like Wii Fit. It has a large selection of exercises.


Some motion games use your whole body. Others just use your arms. You can workout your muscles by playing sports games or doing actually exercises. I have not seen any non sports or exercise games yet that give you a good enough workout to benefit your muscles. So far the best way to build muscle I have seen with the motion control gaming systems is to do body weight exercises. Virtual coaches can guide you through a large variety of body weight exercises in fitness programs like Wii Fit.

If you are looking to build muscle and have fun you can play the sports games like boxing for a good cardio workout. It is a good way to tone your muscles but the results will most likely be limited because of the lack of resistance. Sports like golf and baseball can get you swinging hard. Put some power into your swings and punches and you should feel it working your muscles. If you just go through the motions you will burn some calories but your muscles will not need to adapt.

Not A Replacement For Exercise

Games are getting better and more people are playing them. It is probably one of the reasons a lot of people are overweight and out of shape. People are choosing to play video games instead of going outside and getting exercise. The portable game system are not helping either. Now that motion games have been out for a few years some people are losing weight and getting in better shape. However playing motion games is not enough by itself.

Playing motion games is not a good replacement for regular exercise but it is a good replacement for sitting on a chair or couch and barely moving. If you want to get in shape or stay in shape you should still do regular exercises. If I tried to replace the exercise I usually get with playing motion games I would not be as fit but playing motion games instead of sitting on the couch would benefit me.

There are some good exercise programs for the motion game systems that can get you into great shape. However they involve doing actual exercises like push-ups. You should also be spending time outside. Going on a virtual bike ride does not compare with getting outside and doing it for real. Biking around a provincial park being surrounded by nature is more relaxing and provides me with a lot more exercise.

With the introduction of motion controlled games people are moving around more but if you are going to use it to replace regular exercise I suggest you include some fitness programs and workout.

Weight Loss

The extra calories you burn playing motion games instead of sitting around can reduce the amount of fat on your body resulting in weight loss. Spend less time sitting around and more time moving to lose weight and improve your health. You need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. So you need to make sure you are burning enough calories. Most likely the weight loss will be gradual.

If you want to lose weight quickly using a motion game system or you want to lose a lot of weight your best bet would be to use the exercise programs with actual workouts. People have lost weight using Wii Fit. The body weight exercises are also good for building muscle.

Wii Sports

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