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Expectation of perfection in society for young girls

Updated on April 21, 2015

Global society abounds with stories about women who have managed to overcome the greatest of odds and succeeded wonderfully in life. Many have managed to penetrate rigidly male-dominated arenas and create their own unique identities.

Considering all this, it comes as a surprise that young girls like you do not take inspiration from your older counterparts. Instead, you prefer to show up as weaklings, unable to face the challenges of life, whether they are insignificant or of moderate importance.


Obsession with Perfection

Many of you are obsessed with achieving ‘perfect’ bodily proportions, striving to impress the opposite gender, experimenting with sexual activities, succumbing to unhealthy habits in order to overcome anxiety and depression, or desperately trying to enhance self-esteem.

Obviously, you cannot be happy, for the body, mind and soul seem very distant from one another. If this kind of scenario has to change, it is imperative that youngsters like you learn how to accept and love yourself as you are, regardless of whatever others might say.

True, you have made mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes; forgiving self is essential. Come on, no one is perfect; every single one of us is still growing and learning.

Admittedly, you need some help; you cannot journey through life alone. Let us guide you in developing the right mindset about yourself. If you acquire healthy habits, lead a disciplined life and link up with support groups that go out of their way to encourage people of your age, you will be happier in life.

Get rid of expectations yours and others.

Embrace unperfect and unfinished.

Celebrate your uniquess

We are what we are. You don't have to become someone else. Do yourself a favor and be you, no matter what. When you grow up isn't it better to become best version of yourself rather that ok version of someone else?

Be unique, and celebrate your uniquess!



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