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Updated on December 17, 2009

Feeling irritated? Are you in the mood to talk to anybody? Has the tiredness you were feeling, ill you?

There were instances that tiredness come and go. You feel grumpy and lethargic. Sometimes the tiredness will remain several days without even knowing the reason why. The pain can be felt in the muscles and back. It was very tiring even by just walking a few distance. You easily get exhausted. Your normal routine in the accomplishment of your work hampered. Why all this?

A fatigue is an exhaustion resulting from overwork. It will pass away if you take your rest a day or two. Your energy will come back once enough bed rest is done. But to those fatigue due to the presence of a certain health condition is very hard to treat. It keep on coming back unless the cause of the tiredness is corrected, the body will continue to become weak and exhausted. You have poor concentration to do thing properly.

Infection can cause fatigue of the body. The germ will conquer every fiber of our system to become weak. A TB infection was most common.

Due to nutritional deficiency. Many of us were malnourished due to the kind of food lacking the necessary vitamins and mineral for the system to work better. Once a person is lacking with this nutrients, he become weak. The presence of a certain disease will infect the immune system and no longer has the ability to control. But if the body is well-equip to battle against infection, the tiredness can be prevented and minimize. The general condition of our our health will depend on the kind of food we eat.

If a person has anemia, the more fatigue he has in his body. The energy level will go down. Weakness is common because the body can only acquire less oxygen needed in our different tissues. Having a respiratory problem like asthma will bring hardship in breathing due to deficient blood circulation. Then the body goes into the stage of fatigue.

The imbalance and shortage of water and sodium can cause fatigue. Most of this inconvenience is the result of diarrhea. Dehydration occur especially if already involve vomiting, reducing water level in the body to drop to a risk level.  Replacement is needed to power up the body with energy and restore the imbalance. Any heavy physical activities should be remedied by drinking enough water. That was the reason why taking sodium is needed for fast recovery.

The presence of fatigue can lessen the good performance and stamina of the human body. Energy level goes down.

How can we boost our energy?

-Treat the health condition that caused the fatigue. Check the condition of your thyroid to determine of any imbalance. It is one of the reason to feel weak. Take proper medicine to overcome the disease.

-Eat lot of foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals (fruits and vegetables). This is to help the body manage fatigue and give a better performance and effective functioning in all our system.

-Refrain being stressed, You all know that too much occupation in the mind will bring negative impact to our health. Tiredness of the mind can cause tiredness of the body. Do an effective management to all stress-related factors, a hindrance to better health.

-Doing regular exercise can keep the body more active and responsive and more relax. Any stressing condition can be eliminated when all the limbs are given a chance to be more flexible.

-Give time for you to take a nap to let your body rest for a while and your mind to relax. After your nap, you will observe that there was changes in your feeling and your mind is at peace.

-Eat your meals regularly. Don't skip your dinner. Hunger oftentimes bring weaknesses to the body.

-Drink more water everyday. Water is best to replace the water that goes out of the body. A slight dehydration can feel you weak.

-You can eat something between meals. The purpose is to keep energy at all times. Choose food rich in protein and fibers. Fiber foods can eliminate hunger and remain the energy to power all the system.

-Avoid eating sweet foods. You all know that sugar can boost energy temporarily but it can also deplete your energy immediately. You become sluggish and weak. Instead eat whole grain foods proven to restore the energy lost for a longer period of time.

Follow this tips and you can be assured that the the weakness you are feeling today can be corrected. Diligent adherence to control can boost the energy. Minimize your weakness at all cost.


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