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Fertility: What Is Fertility

Updated on December 17, 2013


Fertility can best be described as a condition where a man or woman were able to father or mother a baby biologically through conception. Fertility in men is when a man is able to produce enough semen that can result to pregnancy or when a man has an active sperm that is able to swim and meat the ovum of the woman and fertilization takes place. Fertility in woman is the ability of the female to be able to conceive and carry the pregnancy up to the time of delivery which can be refer to as to carry the baby up to full term.

Fertile Period

Fertility in a woman occurs around five to six days in a monthly circle. In a circle of 28 days the fertility period which can be refer to as the ovulation period occurs around the 14th day, but this all depends on circle and body system. It would be best if one gets an ovulation calculator to determine when the most fertile period is in her circle.

In many relationship the issue of fertility has always been a big barrier to couple who intended to start having children, even in a situation when one is not ready to start having children the concern of knowing if he or she is really fertile also becomes a great concern when there has never been a history of missed period especially for the women folks. While this has been a serious issue when it comes to couple who wants to start raising their family, what measures have they really put in place to correct any form of infertility

Causes Of Fertility Problems

Here are some causes of fertility problem both in men and women, though there are some fertility problems that are beyond human comprehensions

Unhealthy eating habit: eating habit greatly influence the potency of sperm in men, men who usually eats lots of foods that contains sugar, carbohydrates and sodas stand the chance of having fertility problem. And the female counterpart unhealthy eating habit that leads the fibroid which in turn can hinder the fertility progress.

Drinking and smoking: this is a kind of habit that can even damage or cause a serious harm to the reproductive organ of both men and women who are still under the reproductive age. Smoking is not only dangerous to health both it also affects the hormones in both men and women.

Infections: infections affects one being fertile especially when its not properly treated. Infections like gonorear, Chlamydia, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases can not be toiled with when it comes to the issue of fertility. Always consult with a physician whenever you suspect of being infected.

Age: the more one gets older the more the chances of the infertility problem increases, a woman who is in her early 20’s and the one who is in her 40’s don’t have the same chance of getting pregnant. A woman fertility is at the peak when she is much younger, the same with the men. So age has an important role to play when it comes to the issue of fertility.

Surgery: this can affect fertility when it’s not done properly or when something goes wrong during the surgery, though this may apply to the male folks especially.

Confidence: when a man loses confidence in his performance or of himself, this can totally affect his production of quality semen, it can even make a man to be sterile.

Accident: when accident occur the possibility of one’s fertility getting affected would be deter mine by the degree of the accident. The sperm duck could be affected thereby causing an obstruction of the semen flow.

Un-descendent scrotum : when the scrotum is not properly descended, it affects a man’s fertility production and thereby causing infertility in a relationship. This could be as a result of fatal accident or when the person was born the scrotum was not properly descended and it was not detected earlier.

Blockage of fallopian tube: Most women suffers from blockage of fallopian tube due to ill treated STD’s

Premature menopause: Some women experience menopause earlier in their age and this is a serious fertility case, because when a woman who is in her menstruating age cease to menstruate then there is a problem.

Environment: Certain whether condition can affect ones level of productivity in fertility case. if you are looking forward to promote your fertility level, its best to change location to determine if your present location is affecting your fertility or that of your spouse.

When couples who intend having children are faced with the challenge of fertility problem, they tends to be confused not knowing what the problem could be, but it is best if they find out the problem and then know the necessary steps to take in order to correct the problem. It is best to seek medical advice and treatment if the condition has persisted for a while

Few Measures To Promote fertility

Healthy eating habit: improving your eating habit, like including lots of fruits and vegetables in your daily meal will help to improve Your fertility. And also avoiding foods that are hazardous to the body.

Regular exercise: exercise also helps to keep the body and soul fit helping to increase the chances of one being more fertile and healthy.

Proper treatment of infections: once you notice something abnormal in your body system, its best to seek for medical treatment before it gets to a point where it will cause damage to your body and reproductive organ. Don't leave any disease untreated for a long period of time as this would make give the infection more time to damage your reproductive organ.

If your lifestyle includes smoking and drinking, it would be better if you cut down on your consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking. Smoking generally is not good for health, so this may be the best time to control yourself on this issue.

Going for medical check-ups: This is a vital point when it comes to health and fertility don't ever joke with your medical check-ups and diagnosis.

While fertility in men can occur at any given time provided the timing is right.

Fertility in both men and woman can sometimes become a problem as many factors can stand as an obstacle to their fertility. When a woman has the potency of reproducing and carries the baby to full term.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 4 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      It's always best to consult a professional. But it all starts with a healthy living.