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Foods That Fight Heart Failure and Coronary Problems

Updated on May 6, 2012

Heart Failure and Coronary Diseases

Data from The American Heart Association and the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention affirms that heart failure and other coronary diseases take away one American every minute. This disturbing trend continues to spread to many other parts of the world as our feeding habits change with the passing of each day. What is happening to our hearts?

The human heart is a very faithful servant when taken care of. Consider the fact that it serves you from birth to your terminal days. Your heart beats consistently, persistently and continuously without your giving it much thought, until a sharp pain in the chest gets you thinking about that organ behind your rib cage. Only then do we stop to pay attention to traditional advice.

Preventive practices are always most recommended as compared to curative ones. Man is a natural being. His well-being is best addressed the natural way because our body’s physical, chemical and metabolic processes require a sound balance of nutrients received from food intakes. Food is always the best source of nutrition. Many dieticians will attest to this.

Our natural setup ensures our frequent daily consumption of food either for survival or to simply balance deficiencies. You are, ironically speaking, your own best doctor. Coronary diseases continue to claim a big proportion of humanity with the passing of each year. Our doctors keep advocating for our consumption of good food as the secret to long life. How often do we regard their talk seriously? It behoves all of us to personally take control of our health issues to minimize death through heart-related complications.

A Collage of Foods

Our daily choice of foods

Our daily need for food leads us to a search for whatever type of food that satisfies our hunger. More and more people are getting to be more choosy with regard to the food they consume. They consciously or unconsciously know that, we become what we eat. This implies that, whatever we choose to eat will either give us good health unto long life or ill health to our detriment. It is therefore necessary to strike a balance between our intakes of proven healthy nutrients and snacks that we take in-between meals. We should always have in mind that too much of something may turn out to be detrimental to our wellbeing.

Your daily choice of food in your nutritional practices will either add days to your life or on the contrary, remove a few days from you altogether. Research proves this as a fact. We should therefore put much thought to our foods prior to gorging ourselves with what we consider to be good for our health.

Foods against coronary diseases

Coronary diseases direct our attention to levels of cholesterol in our bodies. We are led to understand that there is good and bad cholesterol that build up with our intake of foods and through our daily physical habits. In order to eliminate the bad cholesterol, we need to ingest foods that fight against it. Some of the foods that feature highly as protective of our hearts include;

Foods that contain folic acid (Foliate) which counters coronary ailments include: green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kales, asparagus, beans cereals and oranges.

Foods with the antioxidant vitamin E that averts coronary problems include: green leafy vegetables like spinach, kales, avocados, nuts and almonds.

Foods that have potassium which regulates muscles, nerves, heart and kidney health include: Bananas, potatoes, tomatoes spinach, dried fruits, apricots, dates, avocados and legumes.

Other foods we need to eat include: fibres, the onion family (Garlic, leeks, bulb and leaf onions), ginger, grapes and chillies.

All the foods mentioned above work well towards fighting coronary ailments by keeping our hearts healthy. Always eat healthy food stuffs to remain healthy.


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  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 6 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi BkCreative,

    Thanks for your observation. Healthy foods go a long way towards elongating our lives apart from saving us from that pill as you say. You are most welcome and thanks for checking in. Take care

  • BkCreative profile image

    BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

    Thanks for this reminder - that food is what keeps us healthy - even helps us regain our health. There is no such thing as a magic pill - allowing us to eat junk and just pop a pill.

    Rated up! Yay!