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Updated on July 28, 2012

I have had a great friend for years. She is always there to let me know that
everything is alright. Even when things aren't going well she is a faithful
comrade. She is beautiful. Always here through thick and thin for me. She has
been my best friend.

Sometimes I think that she is so deserving of a better friend than me. I can't
compete with her kindness. She has me loving her too much. I really can't do
anything but just sit and listen to her while the hours and days go by. She has
added that special something to my life and I can never repay her for that.

She never asks me for anything. Only my time is good enough for her. She says
that she will be here forever with me. She will stay as long as I allow her be a
part of my life. We go almost everywhere together. On our outings to the park,
church, work and play. She's been there through some very rough times. Helping
me put aside all my worries and cares.

I haven't introduced her to my family and friends because I'm scared of what
they'd think about me. What would they think about our relationship? What are
they gonna say about the time we've spent together? They won't understand, I'm
sure about that. So I'll keep her to myself. She doesn't mind at all.

She let's me know that it's her and I together, forever. I'm OK with that. She
told me a story the other day. The story went like this "the other day I saw a
friend who told me he had to take care of this pain he was suffering from, but
he said he'd go to the doctor later. Two days after that he died." I replied to
her story with "wow, that's sad." She replied to me saying, "Hey, that's life."
This was strange to me, not because of her words but because of the smirk in her
tone. It led me to ask her, "what's up with you being so non chalant?" She
replied, "Oh, nothing." I let it go cause after all she was my friend, my dawg,
and my confidant. Life is great for me and my pal. She even sings to me every now and then. She has such a soothing voice.

Wow what a great life. I haven't from my friend in a few days, though.
(about 3 weeks later)
I never saw it coming. My best friend, the one who I thought I could
count on. She wasn't my friend at all. She was only here to hold me back from
greatness. I had the warning signs and others tried to warn me. I didn't see it.
At times my mother, sister and my husband tried to help me out. I just couldn't
see it. I was blinded by the camoflauge she used. That guy she was talking about
in her earlier story. I wondered then why she told that story to me. It wasn't
just some random guy. That guy was going to be me. My friend I relied upon was
setting me up. She was killing me softly. She kept me so occupied that I never
saw my life continuously passing by. Time kept moving yet I was standing still.

I'd realize that I was in so much physical pain that I couldn't walk, nor speak.
I'd been rushed to the emergency room of a local hospital. There I found out I
only had a few days to live. My dreams gone because my time had been depleted.
There was no more countdown of the goals I wanted to reach. That success I
wanted so much can never be achieved. It was here I would have my final lines in
this chapter of my life and I'd accomplished nothing.

Where is my friend now? Why can't I hear her voice? She's not here to comfort
me. Nowhere to be found. I suddenly heard a sound that was foreign to me. That
sound was silence. Silence as the pain could only be tamed with morphine and

I then realized that the friend that I'd loved so much. The one I'd shared my life
with. The one love I was warned about. My confidant, companion, and great
supporter was none other than PROCRASTINATION. My own mind all this time keeping
me stagnant from living life. Putting off what I can do today for tomorrow. I have no more
days left to do those things I was destined to do. Things I said I'd do tomorrow
or next week, gone forever. What have I done to my life?

PROCRASTINATION is a dream killer. Don't hesitate to do what you are destined to
do. Go for it, fulfill your dreams and goals. You only have one life to live each of our days
are numbered. Get out and do it.

Enjoy your journey.


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    • dndswordsmith profile image

      Nique 5 years ago from Philadelphia County PA

      Thank you Kayla H. I appreciate your comment. Come again :D

    • profile image

      Kayla H. 5 years ago

      That was really great! I didn't even see that twist coming, which was a surprising delight. Both interesting and inspiring!

    • profile image

      jlcustompc 5 years ago

      OHHH GOOD HUB!!!!!!