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Facing Your Weakness by Taking Risk

Updated on February 24, 2015

Acquired knowledge and/or experiences do not mean Higher IQ

All human beings are born with weaknesses. The ultimate weakness was Original Sin. This means all human beings inevitably commit imperfect inwardly and outwardly acts that miss the mark of the standards of triune God. The concept behind the Original Sin is that we can verify through human history and come to conclusion that the earliest record of human beings possessed inabilities in demonstrating perfection, perfect holiness, perfect unspoken understanding, perfect kindness, perfect love, perfect empathy, perfect obedience, perfect understanding, perfect knowledge, perfect peace, perfect self-control, etc.

There are theories that seem to provide alternative perspectives on the nature of human beings. Some theorists believe human beings are born with a blank slate, meaning we learn from family and society bad and good behaviors to adopt. This perspective does not take into account about the reality or the nature of God. For the sake of argument of the blank slate, all human beings ever existed had the disposition to move toward imperfection. No human being ever achieved perfection in human standards, let alone achieves the perfect holiness and perfection of triune God. In addition, there is a perspective that argues the concept of the nature of human beings being good. Many people wholeheartedly are convinced of this concept. I think this perspective derives from the axiom that human beings are ultimate reality and conscious beings in the world, earth, and the universe. Let me remind ourselves that axioms are ideas, knowledge, and principles accepted as true by human conscious and unspoken understanding. I would like to describe this perspective as Narcissistic superiority fallacy embedded in limited human experience in relation to the universe. Because human beings have unique abilities and capabilities, we cannot define our human nature as Good. We only live on one planet and trying to ascertain and deduce dynamics of human experience. How can we make false assertion about which we are when we have extremely limited knowledge about the universe? The point is we derived self-worth and self-pride by comparing our intelligence with each other, with other groups, cultures, and societies. Now let us move toward the subject of the discussion.

The title conveys the consequences of acquired knowledge and experience. Sometime human beings directly or indirectly try to convince other people or groups of having higher or lesser Intelligent Quotient. There are numerous examples that can be given to stay away from arrogant narcissistic superiority error in thinking. I want to use the subject of driving on the Freeway to discuss acquired and experiential knowledge. We live in the country that consists of fifty states. Every state has its own substantial number of freeways. I have never been to other states; therefore, my focus of discussion is my current state.

Some people obtain driver license early in life. A sixteen year boy or girl with parent’s permission is able to obtain driver license. Young people who had early start on driving may have more experience in exploring different environments than some people. I got my driver license late in early twenties. If you were to compare and contrast these two age differences in relation to driving, you might discover several benefits and disadvantages. One benefit of this type of young driver (more experience) has over older driver(less experience) is development of confidence of driving on freeways. When a person begins to learn or experience life situation (freeways), he or she makes many mistakes. Therefore, when the young person reaches early twenties, he or she has accumulated tools and lessons gained from driving on freeways. IS THE YOUNGER PERSON MORE INTELLIGENT THAN THE OLDER? Think about it.

Another point I would like to make is some people may have careers that give them opportunities to travel long distances. You have a person who lives in North Hollywood and has obtained employment in Costa Mesa. The distance between locations is enormous. This means five days a week this individual will get many opportunities on the freeways and accumulate skills and experience. Let us compare that with another person who lives in North Hollywood and has been working on the same job for ten years in the same location. This individual may not have opportunities to explore many freeway paths; therefore, this person may be comfortable with taking street directions. I know that there are many variations to these given examples. I grew up as a teenager living in the same neighborhood for years and when I got my driver license, I travelled less than four miles to my job. Then, my other jobs were approximate to my house. Does this mean that a young person who got driver license as a teen more intelligent than an individual who obtained driver license in early twenties? Think about.

When it comes to driving on freeways, I consider myself as not an expert. I am happy and content with this identification. This does not mean that I have never driven on freeways. I am conveying that I have not acquired enormous amount of knowledge and experience in driving on freeways. I acknowledge my environmental orientation of city freeways is weak. However, I am striving and facing my weaknesses by using my own strategies.

My first technique is to acknowledge that I must cultivate my knowledge and understanding of four directional points (North, South, West, and East). People might be prideful and argue that this point is easy and simple. Anyone could lose the sense of direction under certain circumstance. If I take you to brand new location you have never been (maybe different country)and ask you to identify South, North, East, and West, you might get one or two incorrect. Sometimes we have false confidence and develop self-esteems that are based on what we know. I think this is a terrible mistake. You cannot be knowledgeable about everything in the world, earth, and the universe. Therefore, what we know can be undermined by what we do not know and those individuals whose self-worth depends on knowledge may develop what I call multiple relative self esteem or multiple relative self-worth.

In addition, I have developed asking for help with great attitudes. Whenever I get lost on freeways, I exit and ask for help with smile and humble spirit. Asking help for directions point to my acceptance of limited knowledge and experience. My self-esteem and self-worth and general confidence do not change because I am not Jesus Christ who was and is omniscient and even knew the minds of human beings. However, there are people who try to find their ways when they get lost on freeways without asking for help. They waste time, gas, money, and blood pressure increases. These individuals feel and think asking for direction make them less intelligent and they would rather try to find their ways and thus, this (they think) reinforces their knowledge of self-intelligence and self-worth.

Further, I updated my phone from pre-paid to smart phone. My first experience with phone was pay as I go. I did not purchase contract phone because I did not have money to commit for two to three years. I appreciated many benefits that went along with it. For example, I did not have monthly bill. I controlled how much I wanted to pay by how much I want to use my phone. I saw my peers with smart phones and iphones, I complimented them on various features they had without inwardly and outwardly feeling jealous and left out. I was grateful to have a phone and I had prepaid phone for seven years. Buying smart phone provided ways for me to learn different ways to get to places. I use GPS on my phone and I continue to learn more and more about using freeways. Again, I do not claim to be an expert on freeways, but I am becoming comfortable and less stressed in using freeways.

It is my goal to face all my weaknesses in my life. Weaknesses do not say anything about my intelligence. We all have weaknesses and they point to our limitations in life. Limitations needs and should lead us to investigate the person of Jesus Christ. We are all going to die one day and therefore, human deaths are limitations. Jesus Christ wants us to entrust and depend on his sacrifices to die, resurrect, and promise us to rely on Him because in John 14:6, He made these promises:

5Thomas said to Him, Lord, we do not know where You are going, so how can we know the way?

6 Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.

7 If you had known Me [had learned to recognize Me], you would also have known My Father (John 14:5-7)

Just Ask For Direction

Interestingly, we live in society and in the world that try to exploit people's weakness. Human beings can do wonderful things, but sometimes people do good deeds just to cover up the evil thoughts, behavior, actions, and wicked objectives. When people are aware of individuals' weaknesses, they find ways to make it difficult and cause stress for them.

29Devise not evil against thy neighbor, Seeing he dwelleth securely by thee (Proverbs 3:29)

Be Honest With Your Answer

How Many Times Have Gotten Lost on the Freeway?

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Freeway is a Learning Experience

I have gotten lost so many times I cannot remember to count.

Prayer Can Help Navigate

© 2014 Michael Obeng


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