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Facts About Obesity

Updated on February 12, 2011

Obesity is the excessive accumulation of fat in the body that often determines an altered state of health, also classified as adipose tissue hypertrophy. 

Obesity is excess body fat that often causes an alteration in the health of those suffering. 

Obesity is a risk factor for several chronic diseases such as: 
- Heart disease 
- Diabetes 
- Hypertension 
- Some forms of cancer 

From the evidence found that obesity is a disease originating from several factors: 
- Genetic (metabolism) 
- Environmental (food, etc.) 
- Psychological (stress, depression, etc) 

To define the level of obesity in a person, you can use either the body mass index and body fat rate, which are compared against pre-defined standards. 

This can distinguish between exogenous obesity (due to excessive and unbalanced feed) and endogenous obesity (caused by metabolic alteration.) 

With regard to endogenous causes, obesity is caused by endocrine dysfunction of endocrine glands like the thyroid, which produces the hormone thyroxine which controls metabolism. Obesity is a disease in which several factors are involved, many of which are not yet fully known. Basic conditioning factors that are involved are the genes, diet and lack of exercise, as well as certain diseases and medications. 

To contraarrestar obesity simply and securely, it is vital to begin a disciplined and intensive program that integrates a special and balanced diet, cardiovascular exercise and resistance, and a more active lifestyle.


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