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Fake it til ya Make it

Updated on March 31, 2010

Finding your true self

When setting out in life, leaving your parents home and looking for your very own set of rules and a better knowing of yourself! Hopefully great morals and work ethics are already instilled and a keen sense of God's warm hands embracing you are intact!   Now is the time...............your time to shine!!

Some start with home decor to express your unique style and of course the fashion statement we boast with our outer-wear!   That is the easy part...well for most!

Now its the time to decide who we are??   What we want??   How much of it? Oh and with whom we might share our cave with and how big the cave needs to be for the eventual.

Some may tell they hire a decorator and others have not a clue about matching style and colors for their own clothing.    Let's not write these people off too this is the type person that very well may know themselves better than others.   The first group I discussed are the exact ones that are looking for their environment to define themselves and are watching for the lastest styles in the fashion industry!   A "Fake it til ya Make it" scenerio.   As well , they as a usual need a relationship to cement the home life aspect of their life......two that need to be one in thinking and in taste......This should go well.........Not............well unless there is one that does not want to be heard and felt within these walls or two that equally look to the propaganda and fashion news to advise them well!   In the end it will be a Truman show rerun......great movie..........I had to watch 2 times to get the whole concept !

My idea for the young leaving the nest is to save their money and have bare walls..... a few air chairs and furnish the home.........spend a great deal of time alone............and soul search ......analyze yourself...........find that inner peace...if you have not found God by certainly will!

No need to fake one knows you better  than yourself and God.

Cook, clean, do and think for yourself, letting others feelings be the only thing that matters. What they think will not and is not as important as what you think about you and what you do!

Now I know the Fake it til ya make it type........they are 50 now......longing for less

cave,  less stress,  less keep up with neighbors monetary things.................but absolutely can not figuire out how to.   They won!!! They made it..........all the way to a life of only knowing education for a high paying career......and the career feeling like an old tiring job.............and only feeling content when they can make time for another social engagement at their home to show all the new items that had been purchased for that exact reason!    UGHHHHHHH       whats worse the guest already have that and a newer version................and only came to brag about it! There it is is over. Go to bed and think of how you can better define who you are....maybe you can get a weekend job so that next time you will again have the best............but I doubt there is going to be much time.............but who cares?? Its all about the haves.....     and the have not can't rest well until ..........................

At 45.....I still have bare walls...........and I do have airbeds.............for my allergys I tell myself...........But I like moving them around.................making me in control over my furniture..........the walls are bare because I know me too well...........and would not like the picture in a year.   No tv here as well.     It talks too much and full of static . It wants me to buy things I don't need.    Showing me others that are doing things I don't want to do.......and at best sharing real events.........that are sharing others pain!    Not interested in seeing that.    However if someone I know  and that trust me wants to share their pain.....I try my best to be there with open arms, ears and heart!

Our youth needs us to show them the better route!   Faith in God and themselves will be the first priority!   The rest will move forward without a long as we allow them to see for themselves ...without harsh judgement and to be there with care ..........always.    Never a need to fake anything..............finding and being yourself is making it!!!!!!     Its called being content..........."happy" some call it!!     Then you have all the time in the world to find your will not have wasted a day on what is percieved as the "American Dream"    Now Go live your dream ............but let me prewarn you..............It's more than likely that your dream will be reality and now that your living in your reality..........finding another that wants to and very capable of sharing you................will be the easy part!

Alone is great!!!   However when you are so content with yourself.......there will be many that flock to  choose from!! There is not much more attractive than a confident, caring, compassionate, passionate person!   That is exactly what you will find within yourself.............just given the opportunity to explore your own mind!

Heres to you kids!! :)



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    • tim-tim profile image

      Priscilla Chan 

      8 years ago from Normal, Illinois

      Great hub and good advice for the young adults.

    • Momma Mia profile imageAUTHOR

      Momma Mia 

      8 years ago from North Carolina

      Thank-you for reading....


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading this hub. Definitely an inspirational hub. Great job!


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