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Far fetched? Maybe or maybe not? My ideas on curing hiv.

Updated on February 25, 2010

Crazy. I know......but worth a shot.

As the few people who I have shared my idea with have responded, I am sure that everyone else will think I have lost it. However, I want to share a few thoughts on a possible cure for hiv. I am not quite certain why this prediction popped into my head or where it came from. I have done very little research to prove this and am not implying that it is accurate in any way, shape, or form.

Due to some personal experiences which hit real close to home in my life I think about hiv on a regular basis. I think about the cure that I know exists, but after billions of dollars have been spent on research is has yet to be discovered. I wonder if there is too much thought and effort being placed into the cure. Could it be a simple solution? Could it be right before me, you, and the rest of the world but for some reason has been overlooked? My guess is yes.

I know that there are different strands of hiv. I think back to simple rules and laws and remember that two negatives make a positive. Right? Right. Could this reverse and two positives make a negative or a neutral? Could different strands of the virus cancel out others? Let's say there are strands A through Z or 1 through 10....Could C be the cure for A but P for C? Could 5 cure 8 but 10 cure 5? Could different strands slow the progression of the virus? Has this been experimented and researched or even crossed anyone else's mind?

If it were possible to research my idea myself I wouldn't be writing this article/hub. However, this is the only way I know to put my thoughts out there and hope that someone capable of experimenting with this stumbles across it. It makes sense to me. A little testing couldn't hurt. If nothing else, it would put us one step closer and knocking one more possibility out couldn't be a bad thing.


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